What can your firm learn from the 50 most read topics of 2017?

Adrian Dayton


Don’t spin your wheels in 2018, make this the year you dial in your content strategy. So how do you choose what to write about? Don’t just go with your gut, follow the data. What do your customers really care about? I always joke that the biggest weakness for professionals on social media is a propensity to talk about themselves instead of talking about what their clients want to hear. So what do your clients really want to read about?


JD Supra gives us pretty clear picture in their annual Popular Topics post. JD Supra is a powerful content distribution company that finds audiences for content written by professional services firms, and millions of readers “vote with their mouses” as they select which content they read. Every marketing department should read this list before building out their editorial calendar for 2018. Here is an excerpt from the popular posts article:

No surprise to see the number one topic [Donald Trump] for 2017. Other new additions to the list in this tumultuous year include: the European Union, Virtual Currency, Blockchain, Risk Management, Executive Orders, and more. Thank you, dear readers, for joining us here – and without further ado: The JD Supra 50 – Top Topics in 2017


One final thought on strategy. There is a right way and a wrong way to use this list. The wrong way would be to write about every topic on this list, the right way would be to pick one or two topic areas where you have real strength and hit that topic hard in 2018. If you have a large firm, obviously you can pick more than one – but focus will be key. Nobody wants to hire the lawyer who dabbles in cybersecurity or cryptocurrency, they want the expert, they want someone who appears to have mastery over the subject matter.

Adrian Dayton is the Founder of ClearView Social, used by over 20,000 professionals to share thought leadership to their individual social networks. Adrian is also the author of two books on social media for professionals and is a regular on the speaking circuit for keynotes and partner retreats. You can learn more about him and his books at http://adriandayton.com

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