Lindquist CPA – Case Study

Increased website traffic.

Key Features for Success

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When Lindquist launched their new website, they wanted to make sure they could also increase traffic to the new site. After making a significant investment on the site itself they didn't want to spend money on ads to drive traffic so they decided to focus on getting their employees better engaged with social media. The problem was, their partners and professionals—with the best networks—were also the busiest and had a big challenge in finding time for managing social media.

The approach was to send out regular email prompts to their professionals using Clearview's simple one-click sharing tools. In the first few months, starting with just the partners, the results were very encouraging. They saw a big uptick in traffic to their site with 67% of their traffic coming from posts shared via Clearview. In the coming months they plan on expanding to their associates and other staff to further build on their success.

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