Do You Need to Worry About a Data-Breach at ClearView Social?

Christie Jennings-Wyckoff


With the recent Equifax data-breach making headlines, we’d like to remind our users of ClearView Social’s data-storage policy and the minimal risk of a breach.

When you connect your social media accounts to ClearView Social, you’ll be prompted to enter your username and password for the site you’re connecting to. For example, when you connect your LinkedIn, you’ll see a screen like this:

This page is actually on LinkedIn, not ClearView Social. We never have access to your social media passwords, nor do we store any of your social media passwords. Instead, we store a unique token that is shared between ClearView Social and the individual social media site (ie, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) that identifies ClearView Social as having permission to post on your behalf.

If a breach ever were to happen, these tokens can be invalidated and reset, denying a hacker access to post to your social media. The hacker would not have access to change any settings on your social media or remove anything from your account. ClearView Social can initialize a site-wide token invalidation in the event of a breach or users may be instructed to generate new tokens by disconnecting and reconnecting their social media accounts from the Settings page.

You can read more about exactly what data ClearView Social stores in Does ClearView Social store my data? If you would like a more technical explanation of ClearView Social’s data policies, please read ClearView Social Security & Compliance Summary.

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