Successful Recruiting Using Social Media

You’ve already got your best recruiting resources on your payroll

Successful recruiting means connecting with the right people at the right place and time. It’s not always easy. But what if you had your best recruiters in place already?

Your employees are some of the best advocates for getting the good word out about your workplace, and that applies to recruiting. In our upcoming free webinar from Clearview Social, you’ll learn exactly how you can streamline your recruiting practices by:

  • Properly leveraging social media in your recruiting strategy
  • Utilizing your company’s social media accounts to reduce reliance on ads
  • Encouraging your employees to assist in amplifying your efforts
  • And how employee advocacy software can help with the whole process and automate recruiting functions

Learn more about how our Employee Advocacy Software can support your recruiting efforts, increase your brand’s reach, and boost your business and sales.



Mike Rautenstrauch

Mike Rautenstrauch

Director of Client Success at Clearview Social, Inc.