The LinkedIn Cheat Sheet: 15 Steps to a Profile that Brings in Business

Adrian Dayton


This Thursday, March 16th at 12pm EST, I’ll be presenting globally to an estimated audience of over 3,000 professionals from all over the world. This is likely to be the largest audience I’ve ever spoken to. Drawing from 85 law, accounting, recruiting, real estate and technology firms from across the world, all are invited to join while I share the LinkedIn Cheat Sheet. In this 60 minute training, professionals will bring their laptops and join together in firm conference rooms so that while I speak they have the chance to update their LinkedIn profiles in real time. By the end of the training, every attendee will have a LinkedIn profile that is 95% complete. (The summary section will be homework)

The idea for this global training came from a discussion with my good friend and co-author Amy Knapp, when we realized that the vast majority of my clients didn’t have the bandwidth or the budget to hire me to personally train their professionals, so instead I decided to offer it as a free value-add to all of our paying customers. This will be Part 1 of a four part series provided over the next 9 months. Other sessions will include: 7 Habits of LinkedIn Rainmakers, Blog and Content Creation that Brings in Business and a final session that will likely cover Twitter, Facebook and how to measure return on investment (ROI) from social media. We will be using the awesome ON24 platform to host this event, and honestly, I wouldn’t trust any other webinar software for an event of this size.

For current clients, contact to receive an invite.

If your firm isn’t currently using ClearView Social, but you’d like to try it out, you can email me- and we will get you set up on a risk-free 90-day trial.

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