Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend the Social Media Masterclass on December 12th

Adrian Dayton


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE MASTER CLASS ON DECEMBER the 12th, 2017 at 2pm Eastern Standard Time

10. Learn how to dominate The Twitter

9. Learn one crazy trick about hashtags that doctors don’t want you to know

8. Hurry and learn valuable social media tips from artificial intelligence before Skynet becomes self aware.

7. We promise not to mention President Donald Trump

6. One lucky attendee will receive a free copy of both of my books and a social media makeover from Adrian Dayton (must provide your own makeup)

5. Learn the formula for the perfect social media share as defined by our Artificial Intelligence engine, along with the recipe for a delightful egg nog cocktail


4. Discover the three blind spots preventing most power users on social media from becoming true masters

3. We have a special secret guest joining us, their identify will be revealed to registered guest this Friday!

Image result for secret guestImage result for secret guest

Will it be Matt Damon? Will it be Jennifer Lawrence? You’ll have to register to find out!

(fine print: lawyers tell me I must disclose it will be neither of those people, but it will definitely be someone who has mad social media skills)

2. You’re the best person you know at social media (but you only know three people and they are all quite old.)

1. While work be boring, monotonous and limiting, social gives everyone a chance to go viral and be the next internet sensation.


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