• Power Blogging Five Strategies To Take Your Content To The Next Level

    What is the difference between content that makes a big impact and content that gets ignored?

    Why do some blogs generate business, while others languish?

    Join me and Adrian Lurssen, co-Founder of JD Supra, for 30 minutes of intense discussion, debate, case studies, and data from thousands of pieces of content published on JD Supra.

    You won't want to miss Power Blogging: 5 Strategies to Take Your Content to the Next Level

    In this 30-minute webinar you will learn:

    • Strategies used by top professional firms around the world to gain thought leadership through content creation 
    • 3 key analytics and data points to monitor constantly to improve the performance of your content 
    • How to give your content nine lives so that you get a 10X-100X return on the time you spend creating content. 

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  • clearViewSocial-logo-180x60-1LinkedIn Cheat Sheet - Part II: 7 Essentials LinkedIn Habits for Rainmakers

    Summary:  I have a solid LinkedIn profile, whats next? I've trained over 10,000 lawyers on LinkedIn and the #1 question I get goes a little like this, "I've had a profile for years, but I've never really done anything with it. How can I start making LinkedIn really pay off?"

    In this 30 minute LinkedIn webinar you will learn:
    -6 essential habits for anybody using LinkedIn for business development
    -1 habit to rule them all. This habit has been developed in some form or another by every rainmaker I've ever interacted with.
    -A simple system for managing your most valuable relationships online.

  • clearViewSocial-logo-180x60-1Twitter Power:  Unlocking Twitter for Risk Adverse Professionals

    Summary:  Isn't Twitter mostly nonsense? No. According to the latest research, not yet publicly released from Greentarget, in-house counsel use of Twitter has almost doubled over the last year. Just think, over half a billion people are on Twitter, and it isn't because Twitter is trendy, but because it is useful.

    Twitter is an incredible tool to find information because it is an OPEN network. It doesn't matter who you know, Twitter is all about the quality of what you say. It doesn't matter what school you went to or the company or firm you work at. Twitter can help anybody make a name for themselves.

  • clearViewSocial-logo-180x60-1ClearView Social LinkedIn Cheat Sheet Building Power Profiles

    Date: Thursday, July 16, 2015

    Summary:  Ok, it isn't real cheating. I would never condone that, but we are opening up the vault at ClearView Social and sharing with you what I've learned in training over 10,000 lawyers worldwide on LinkedIn.

    Don't think you can remember it all? No worries after the live webinar we will email your very own copy of the ClearView Social LinkedIn Cheat Sheet.  Only caveat, you must attend the webinar.

    The LinkedIn Cheat Sheet: Building Power Profiles

  • clearViewSocial-logo-180x60-1Meet May's Digital Marketing Superstar: Eric Majchrzak

    Date: Thursday, May 19, 2016

    Summary: Join us for 30 minutes on May 19th at 2pm EST to learn how Eric:

    • Used Twitter advertisements during a presidential debate to generate thousands of views and hundreds of downloads of their healthcare white paper
    • One major strategy that increased year-over-year traffic from LinkedIn to firm content by 1342%
    • A content strategy that led to a year-over-year increase of 126 additional online leads generated.

    Adrian Dayton and Eric Majchrzak will discuss not only the results of some of Eric’s best initiatives but best practices to change the behavior of the professionals at your firm, get firm buy-in and measure the results of these unique approaches. Other issues to be discussed include: gamification, earned media value and new powerful key performance indicators (KPI’s)

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