Social Selling Software that Automates Sales Processes

People trust people. That's why savvy sales professionals leverage their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks to win deals—and stay on top.

Demanding times call for better ways of doing things. With the rise of digital connections, advertising methods like banner ads and pop-ups no longer cut it in sales. The modern, tech-inclined consumer expects more personalization, interaction, and immediacy. Enter social selling, a dynamic solution enabling companies to connect with customers more effectively and efficiently.

Social selling software is that engine that enables businesses to harness this strategy. If you're serious about elevating your growth to the next level, having the perfect social selling tool for your social media automation needs is crucial.

Why choose Clearview Social?

Clearview Social is a social selling platform loved by sales teams that want to drive results. This next-generation social selling tool can help you improve your sales processes and tap your people's potential to generate demand and boost your topline.

Get the Leads That Matter: Employee social marketing leads convert 7x more frequently than others.

Gain a clear-cut advantage over competition as your team members become  first-rate brand ambassadors through their social media platforms. With Clearview Social's best-in-class technology, you can:

  • Empower employees to become thought leaders online
  • Expand their networks to ramp up reach for your brand
  • Get referrals at lower costs with plans built just for you
  • Dramatically boost outcomes
  • Realize potential they—or yourself—never thought existed by simplifying social media engagement tasks

Join Successful Squad: 10,000 people already using Clearview Social

One unmistakable proof that we walk our talk is the company we keep—plus the results they've achieved using our automated social selling software. Just a few examples:

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Find Out Who Clicked and Why

Curious about who clicked on the content you shared through Clearview Social? What better way to follow up with potential sales leads than through our advanced social selling software? In a flash, discover which businesses clicked on the content your organization and employees shared on their social selling platforms. This will allow you to target your follow-up in real-time—and allocate resources accordingly— to the companies most responsive to your brand’s message. More than just tracking clicks, this will equip you to convert legit curiosity into commitment and foster robust relationships.

Find Out Who
Sharing Company Posts

Enable Effortless Sharing of Company Posts

Sharing positive news about your company is pivotal for building trust and engagement. It also provides tangible proof of a company's values and mission in action, allowing customers to feel a part of the journey. However, this can be a chore with standard software selling tools.

But with Clearview Social's automation capabilities, you can streamline the social selling process and amplify your people’s efforts. Managers can be given access to promote key messages. Their sales teams can then quickly and consistently share these on their social selling platforms, even customize them according to the territory, product, and features most relevant to your audience.

Finding Positive Mentions Seamlessly

Sharing positive mentions on social selling platforms builds credibility, showcases winnability, and reinforces trust in your brand. There's nothing that closes deals better than a steady stream of your company’s success stories that you share with prospects!

Here’s where our stellar social selling software comes in. Clearview Social boasts RSS feeds that allow sales managers to plug into Google alerts feeds. This surfaces posts that mention your company name, executives, product names, or more, so everyone can catch the most up-to-date, favorable news to share. Never miss anything again! Just grab the articles with a simple click, add your custom comment, and pick which teams will share them on their personal profiles.

Finding Positive Mentions
Boost Lead Volume

Boost Lead Volume

Your team is hungry for leads—but getting to those valuable connections takes clicks. Optimize with Clearview's social selling software, and generate more clicks on every social media post. We offer a targeted approach to draw more prospects to your site for much less than conventional advertising.

By utilizing advanced AI, we can enhance your posting schedules, churn out multiple captions from just a single idea, even create new copy. With Clearview Social, you can tap your employees’ social media platforms for relevant content to reach the right audience— at the opportune time.

Supercharge Your Social Selling Strategy with Clearview Social

Automate your sales and transform your employees into the elite salesforce they can become with Clearview Social. With each team member lies boundless opportunities to turn social media engagement into a powerful sales channel, secure high-quality leads, and maximize ROI—all using streamlined processes. Tap into the clear  advantages only Clearview’s social selling platform delivers, and discover how we can fuel your success like no other social selling software can. Get a free demo today!


"Clearview is a fantastic tool that helps curate, distribute, and post relevant information on social media, as well as measure the effectiveness of each post. It’s easy to use and the ‘smart scheduling’ feature is extremely helpful."

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