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A successful employee advocacy program requires one key ingredient: employees! Without the participation of your team, an employee advocacy initiative is unlikely to get the social engagement, reach, or business outcomes that you hope to achieve.

Social media gamification is an easy way to motivate your team to participate in employee advocacy. Gamification taps into the natural desire to play: By making employees feel like they are playing a game, you can incentivize your team to take action and share branded content.

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Plus, social gamification is shown to boost morale. Employee happiness can be increased by 89% with a gamified workplace. It’s a win-win for your advocacy efforts and your workplace culture.

Clearview Social makes it easy to turn your employees into influencers with features that reward participation in your employee advocacy program. We make it fun for your employees to start taking part in your marketing initiatives.

Clearview Social: Social Media Gamification Features

Gamification of social media sharing rewards your employees for participating in your advocacy program. It helps you reach your social media goals and boost employee engagement at the same time. Clearview Social’s platform makes it easy to empower your team to share their experiences and get rewarded in the process. Our tools help you manage key elements of social media gamification — here’s how.

Host contests

Social media gamification starts with a little friendly competition. On our platform, you’ll find features that make it easy to set up contests that reward employees for specific actions that align with your social media strategy. Incentivize social media actions like sharing, likes, and comments that boost your brand’s visibility, build your reputation, and increase your reach.

See social rank

We all love to win, and Clearview Social provides real-time data to heat up the competition. Our platform dashboard shows helpful visual indicators when certain milestones are reached. Employees who share content often, customize their posts, and engage with other team members’ posts can see their social rank skyrocket.

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Climb the Leaderboard

Clearview Social’s Leaderboard shows where each member of your team ranks based on key metrics that matter to your business. We measure shares, clicks, Earned Media Value (EMV), and SocialScore to see who the top participants are in your program. SocialScore is our own proprietary metric backed by continuously updating data that grades the strength of social media shares. It offers gentle, constructive feedback to users on how their shares could be improved.

Earn rewards

The gamification of social media actions also allows you to reward top performers with company swag, gift cards, and other meaningful prizes. Get your team to start sharing news from your company—and having fun in the process!

Gain insight into your top performers

Many organizations use social media gamification to further their marketing, recruiting, or sales goals. However, the gamification of social media campaigns can also help you identify top performers within your organization for further leadership development.

Social gamification brings the team together and can engage remote employees who may feel isolated. An engaged workforce has a range of business benefits. For instance, Gallup research found that companies with high employee engagement experienced 147% higher earnings per share on average compared to their competition.

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See what content performs best

Top Dog

See what content performs best

Clearview Social’s social media gamification features help you find content that performs the best and collect more data about what’s working in your strategy. A team that’s motivated to share content consistently creates a faster feedback loop: you’ll be able to see in real-time what resonates and where to change course. Plus, run cross-departmental contests to get teams unified and competing to win.

Social media gamification is just one element of a successful employee advocacy program. Find out what else you can do with Clearview Social to encourage your employees to share on social media and grow your brand.


Clearview Social has been a game charger for us at Rea. It has been so great to get our team members on board and engaging more on LinkedIn! They love how easy it is and have seen many benefits of just sharing more content on LinkedIn. It is also amazing to see the reach we now have that our employees are sharing our content more regularly. Our reach has more than doubled!

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Becky Weiand

Becky Weiand

Practice Growth Manager / Marketing Manager

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