Leaderboards & Gamification

Clearview Social makes it easy to turn your employees into influencers with features to help reward participation. We gamify the experience and make it fun for your employees to start taking part in your marketing initiatives.

Leaderboards & Gamification


Clearview makes it easy to see how each member of your team stands in the rankings with leaderboards. We measure shares, clicks, EMV and SocialScore to see who the top participants are in your program.

Social Media Contests

Clearview has built features that make it easy to run contests that empower and reward employees for participation in your social media strategy. Giving prizes to top performers helps to drive success and unity in an employee advocacy initiative. Reward your top 10 with company swag or gift cards to get your team sharing and having fun in the process!

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Social Rank

We all love to win, and Clearview helps to gamify the experience of sharing! By providing helpful visual indicators when certain milestones are reached in the software, employees that share often can reach higher and higher scores. Employees that share content often, customize their posts and engage with other team members' content, are going to help you to achieve your social media goals faster.

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Top Dog

Find Top Performers

Find content that performed the best and identify which departments are outperforming. Run cross departmental contests to get teams unified and competing to win.


Clearview Social has been a game charger for us at Rea. It has been so great to get our team members on board and engaging more on LinkedIn! They love how easy it is and have seen many benefits of just sharing more content on LinkedIn. It is also amazing to see the reach we now have that our employees are sharing our content more regularly. Our reach has more than doubled!

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Becky Weiand

Becky Weiand

Practice Growth Manager / Marketing Manager

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