Clearview Social: Enterprise Functionality

Large companies love Clearview Social for our robust feature set. Our Enterprise plan has all the tools needed to succeed with complex organizational structures spanning multiple departments, practice areas or product lines.

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Access Controls & Customization

Clearview lets you customize your instance for your organization and makes it easy to provision large groups of employees from the software by department.

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Our single sign-on integrations offer automatic user provisioning, group assignments and login to Clearview Social using SSO. Our system currently supports Azure AD, Okta and OneLogin.

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We provide functionality to customize access by employee role across the featureset. This allows you to set detailed controls by department, job title or employee.

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Custom Branding

Clearview allows you to customize the look of the dashboard and email that go out to your team. Emails can even utilize different branding by department.

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Referral & Campaign Tracking

Track conversions from your employee advocacy efforts and correlate them to specific users or campaigns.

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Social Media Compliance

Ensure that you have full control over who can share your content to which personal accounts with our compliance tools. This feature requires an admin to approve any accounts linked to the company Clearview Social account, preventing employees from linking personal accounts that don’t align with your brand strategy.

Security & Compliance

We employ industry leading security controls to keep your data safe. We work with global organizations and are compliant with GDPR and CCPA standards.

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"Clearview is a fantastic tool that helps curate, distribute, and post relevant information on social media, as well as measure the effectiveness of each post. It’s easy to use and the ‘smart scheduling’ feature is extremely helpful."

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