Clearview Social: Integration for Slack

We find that creating queues is a very effective method for getting content shared. We also recognize that the networking software Slack is often used for many different reasons within a workspace. Clearview Social has built an integration of our software into Slack so that content can be shared with even more people.

Slack Integration

1. Build Queues

Click Build Queues then Create Queue

2. Add to Slack

Click the Add to Slack icon.

3. Connect your company’s Slack workspace

Follow the steps outlined to connect your company’s Slack workspace to ClearView Social. Please note this page is hosted by Slack themselves

4. Choose channels

Once your Slack workspace is connected, you will be able to choose channels to send your queue to. Use the toggle and drop-down menu to select which Slack channel you would like to send your queue to.

5. Preview or share

Once the queue is sent, users will receive it in the selected channel, where they can either preview the content or share like they normally would via email.


"Clearview Social is especially helpful for those marketers who have multiple responsibilities. A few minutes a week is all that I need to maximize my firm's social media presence.”

Vernis Bowling
Tammy Bouker

Tammy Bouker

National Director of Client Services & Development

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