Clearview Social for Recruiting

Clearview is designed to boost your recruiting efforts through social media.

Good talent has never been in shorter supply. Clearview Social helps HR and Recruiting professionals to draw in talent quicker and at lower cost.

The best applicants typically come via referral, and Clearview makes it easy for your employees to find people already in their network to apply, reducing your reliance on expensive job ads.

Distributing Job Posts

Drawing in qualified candidates takes expanding your reach, and Clearview is a cost effective way to get your open posts in front of the right audience. When a job post is created, you can easily post to Clearview and automatically distribute to your employees to share on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

Distributing Job Posts
Boosting Referred Candidates

Boosting Referred Candidates

Hires that come in referral typically stay longer, are quicker to hire and are lower cost. The best way to get referrals is to encourage your employees to share job posts with their social networks. Clearview is made for generating more applications via referral and makes this process automated and super simple.

You’ve already got your best recruiting resources on your payroll

Successful recruiting means connecting with the right people at the right place and time. It’s not always easy. But what if you had your best recruiters in place already?

Your employees are some of the best advocates for getting the good word out about your workplace, and that applies to recruiting.

Leverage Social

Leverage Social

Utilize the full power of social media in your recruiting strategy



Make it easy and fun for your employees to assist in amplifying your efforts

No Need for Ads

Reduce Cost

Utilizing your teams existing social following can reduce or eliminate reliance on ads



Employee advocacy software can help with the whole process and automate recruiting functions

Successful Recruiting with Clearview Social

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn exactly how to streamline your recruiting practices

Learn more about how our Employee Advocacy Software can support your recruiting efforts, increase your brand’s reach, and boost your business and sales.


"Clearview is a fantastic tool that helps curate, distribute, and post relevant information on social media, as well as measure the effectiveness of each post. It’s easy to use and the ‘smart scheduling’ feature is extremely helpful."

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