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Do you know how many employees shared your company posts, how many clicks these shares received, and how much that traffic would be worth if you bought it in Google? Wouldn’t that be valuable information to have at your fingertips? And you know as well as we do that numbers are nothing without the narratives behind them to gauge your actual social impact. That’s where Clearview Social comes in. We can give your brand or business a clear, competitive advantage with top-tier social media insights extracted through the platform’s powerful analytics features.

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What if every click can become a customer? Make it happen with Clearview Social’s “Clicks” feature. Keep close tabs on clicks and drive traffic to your website—even as you reduce reliance on high CPCs from paid LinkedIn or Google Ads. With Clearview Social, you don’t just skim the surface—plunge deep into precisely what makes certain posts “clickable” and why others fall flat. Get the kind of granular analysis that can inform your organic social media efforts and fine-tune your approach to attract more qualified leads. The result is optimal conversion at a fraction of traditional ad spend.


Employee Shares

Gain maximum reach from your social media posts by seeing how many employees are sharing company content. Clearview Social enables you to track the number of employees participating in your social media campaigns. Plus, you can leverage analytics for LinkedIn and other platforms to measure the effectiveness of your employees’ social efforts. Using LinkedIn analysis and similar tools, Clearview Social can even help you identify key influencers within your organization. Through our detailed analytics, you gain a better understanding of the reach and impact of your advocacy campaigns to guide your strategies. This makes it easier for you to engage and motivate your team members to become effective brand ambassadors for your company on their socials. 


Employee Adoption Overview


It’s evident that the success of your advocacy program depends a great deal on whether or not your employees embrace it enthusiastically. That’s why it’s critical to monitor which team members have signed up and participated in the program. With Clearview Social’s “Adoption Overview,” you’ll know who has “Accepted,” and who has shared content once or multiple times. This enables you to track progress and engagement levels. We also make it simple for you to re-invite users that haven’t opted into sharing, as well as add and remove employees as your headcount changes. Easily spot highly engaged users by open and click-through rates. This adoption overview feature empowers you to manage user involvement, from initial invitation to regular content sharing, and pinpoint areas for encouragement or further training.


Employee Adoption Overview

Content Stats

It’s easy to drown in the vast sea of metrics. Zero in on what will make a calculated difference in your social media efforts. Clearview Social lets you grab the most relevant stats, such as share counts and reach, for each post shared by employees. Find out which content generates the highest engagement from your team and your team's networks, and discover what makes them work. Don’t settle for a few accidental hits—repeat the winning strategies of the top-performing posts and consistently improve content performance over time. 

Find Out Who
Earned Media Value (EMV)

Earned Media Value (EMV)

Clearview Social enhances your marketing strategy by quantifying the precise impact of organic social shares with its Earned Media Value (EMV) metric. Put simply, EMV is the amount a share would be worth if purchased through costly paid ads across platforms like Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Clearview Social offers unique social media insights into how employee-driven shares can significantly outperform traditional advertising in terms of engagement. We can demonstrate how active employee participation can significantly and positively influence and amplify the results of your marketing campaigns. 

Find Out Who

Curious who clicked on your content shared through Clearview Social so you can follow up with potential sales leads? With the “Find Out Who” feature, Clearview Social enables you to see which businesses clicked on the content your company and your employees shared on social media. This is a critical feature for social selling, allowing you to hyper-target your follow-up in real time on the folks most engaged with your brand message.

Find Out Who

"Clearview is a fantastic tool that helps curate, distribute, and post relevant information on social media, as well as measure the effectiveness of each post. It’s easy to use and the ‘smart scheduling’ feature is extremely helpful."

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ROI Analytics

“Guesstimates” are a thing of the past when evaluating the financial return on your investments. With Clearview Social’s cutting-edge ROI Analytics, you can measure the effectiveness of employee participation in your social media strategy. Score vital social media insights to size up organic social shares vs. traditional advertising efforts. This will help you allocate resources to high-performing campaigns, optimize marketing budgets, and justify expenditures to stakeholders. Ultimately, this informs long-term strategy adjustments and helps ensure that every social media effort aligns closely with business objectives.


“(Clearview Social) makes promotions and advertising easy and cost-effective for small business needs. Since the content is already created, (I) just need to share it from their portal.”


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Easy Integration

No matter how well your employee advocacy platform can serve up incisive social media insights, you’ve got a major problem if it can’t interface with your existing business processes. With robust features like LinkedIn Analysis Tools and Social Media AI and Automation, integration is a breeze. Clearview Social’s advanced tools support seamless corporate posting and content discovery, empowering your team to easily share and promote content across networks. Expect streamlined workflows, enhanced team collaboration, and increased efficiency. With effortless access to the information they need, your employees can reach their fullest potential as powerhouse brand advocates for your company. 


“This is one of the easier software products to use. And customer support with real humans has been really good. It's very easy to schedule and publish website content for social media sharing…”

Paul M.

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