AI Caption Generator and Scheduler

Clearview Social uses two main AI features:

  • Social Shuffle is your go-to AI caption generator and team sharing tool
  • PeakTime™ determines the best times to post

Put the power of AI to work for your social media outreach:


Our AI caption generator and post-scheduling tools help optimize your social media outreach to ensure it has the greatest possible impact.

From creating compelling post captions to finding the ideal time to post, Clearview Social harnesses AI to help your business succeed.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will shape the landscape of social media, as personalized copy delivery powered by AI algorithms becomes increasingly prevalent. Stay ahead of the competition with Clearview Social.

Brand Consistency

Social Shuffle AI

Clearview Social’s AI-Enabled Copy Distribution Engine

As an AI caption generator, Social Shuffle AI can semi-automate the creative process of determining what to write on your social channels. Take advantage of AI integration to generate new copy, written in a social media-friendly style designed to help increase engagement. Plus, all AI-generated copy is editable to make it match your brand voice.  Social Shuffle AI features integrate directly into your existing approval workflows and compliance checks.

Social Shuffle AI

Social Shuffle's caption generator turns one idea into multiple captions to share across your organization

Social media teams often face time and resource constraints. Coming up with original captions that can be shared weekly (or even daily) and varied across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts is difficult.
Clearview Social is here to help. Our easy-to-use Social Shuffle AI can generate new caption ideas for your posts to save time and effort while helping to improve ROI.

Social Shuffle AI uses the OpenAI API to help social media teams write comments and captions for their posts. Select from two, five, 10, or more variations so captions always feel fresh and authentic. These captions can be edited right in the Clearview Social dashboard before being distributed to employees via email or Slack message.


Clearview Social’s AI Marketing Copy Distribution Engine

Clearview Social’s PeakTime™ uses AI to make sure your social media posts are posted at the moment when your audience is paying attention.

Over time, optimizing your posting schedule can make a significant difference in the visibility and engagement of your brand's posts and help you reach your business goals.


Expand Your Reach

Clearview Social offers a comprehensive solution to ensure that your brand achieves optimal visibility across your business's different social profiles as well as your employees' social profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

You want to update your business profiles to increase your brand's trust with its target audience, and also leverage your employees' social profiles, as research finds that users are far more likely to see and engage with posts from personal profiles. In fact, brand messages are re-shared 24 times more frequently when distributed on employees’ personal channels, versus on the brand channel.

See Results

Our research shows LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter shares perform better at separate times so our AI schedules shares individually per social network to achieve the best results.

Over time, optimizing your posting schedule like this can make a significant difference in the number of clicks, likes, and shares on your content and help you reach your business goals.


"Clearview Social is especially helpful for those marketers who have multiple responsibilities. A few minutes a week is all that I need to maximize my firm's social media presence.”

Vernis Bowling
Tammy Bouker

Tammy Bouker

National Director of Client Services & Development

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Expand Your Reach

How can AI help your social media marketing?

At Clearview Social, we like to think of AI as co-bots, rather than robots

AI’s role is to help social media marketers reduce time-consuming tasks by automating repetitive tasks. AI—specifically, generative AI—can help social media teams generate marketing copy, schedule captions for automatic distribution, and manage other routine tasks that add value to their business.

Clearview Social’s AI caption generator is the first step in writing unique, on-brand social media captions that your employees can share in just a few clicks. Social Shuffle uses a round robin approach to distribute social posts to your team. And not only will employees know what to share, PeakTime™ will also know when to share, so their social posts can reach the biggest audience possible.

See how automating your social media marketing can help grow your business. Sign up for a free demo and start letting AI do the work for you.