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Great content is the fuel to any successful social media strategy, but you don’t need to produce all this content yourself. Clearview Social provides tools to help you efficiently find fresh, high-quality content to share with your audience and team.

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Invest in your companies future

“Employees of socially engaged companies are more likely to stay at their company, feel optimistic about their company’s future and believe their company is more competitive”

(Source: Altimeter & LinkedIn Relationship Economics 2014)

Chrome Extension

Clearview has an easy-to-use Chrome extension that allows any member of your team to easily grab content on the web and incorporate it into your social media strategy.

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RSS Feeds

RSS feeds allow you to link any webpage with RSS (this includes most blogs) into Clearview Social. Clients typically pick top blogs in their industry to easily see the latest pieces that might be relevant to your audience and employees. Grabbing these articles to share is simple as a click. Then just add your custom comment and decide which team members you will distribute the content to.

Google Alerts

Clearview makes it easy to set up Google alerts to find any content that mentions specific keywords such as your brand name, your CEO, or your product. This ensures that you do not miss any opportunities to share positive mentions of your company online. Putting these posts into a queue and distributing to employees helps to drive brand awareness, sales, and referrals.

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Industry News

Clearview has content partnerships to surface high quality blogs and articles in specific verticals. You can see the latest articles as they are published and easily add them to your queues for your team to share. Sharing articles in their specific area of expertise helps employees to position themselves as thought leaders online. This builds their personal brands as well as your companies!

Suggested Content

Employees can find content online and share with your marketing team through our suggested content feature. Encouraging employees to actively contribute to your social media marketing strategy can help you to find new articles and generate great post ideas.

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Native Sharing on Mobile App

Clearview’s mobile app makes it simple to share content. With native sharing, any article found on the web can be quickly shared via Clearview Social while browsing on a mobile device, using the device’s native sharing menu.


"Clearview is a fantastic tool that helps curate, distribute, and post relevant information on social media, as well as measure the effectiveness of each post. It’s easy to use and the ‘smart scheduling’ feature is extremely helpful."

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