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Clearview makes it easy to put your social media & employee advocacy initiatives on autopilot. Save time with our unique features designed to help you to drive ROI with less effort.

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Clearview Social does the heavy lifting for you by figuring out the best time to distribute each post. PeakTime™ is our smart scheduling algorithm that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find the best times for your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook posts to get the most attention.

Expand Your Reach

With millions of unique social media posts shared through our software, we measure the effectiveness of our shares to figure out the best day of the week and time to send your post. Over time this can make a massive difference in the number of clicks, likes and shares on your content!

Proven Results

Since our research shows LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter shares do better at separate times, we schedule shares individually per social network automatically to achieve the best results.

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Virtual Assistant

We make it easy for employees to automatically take part in sharing company content with their social networks. Virtual Assistant allows a designated admin to post content to an employee's social media profile without the need for them to approve every post. Employees can activate or deactivate this feature at any time in their user settings.

Encourage Your Team

Virtual Assistant is great for any team member who is comfortable with content being shared by an admin on their behalf, or company executives who would like to delegate management of their social media profiles to an assistant. Companies that encourage teams to enable Virtual Assistant show the highest success rates with employee advocacy initiatives.

Automated Content Delivery

Our Automated queue creation feature allows you to automatically distribute your blog posts to employees in a newsletter to share, saving you time and driving high quality traffic. Automated queues can also be enabled for any RSS feed, including content that appears off your company website.

Automated Content Delivery
Social Shuffle

Social Shuffle AI

When sharing content to your team to post, social shuffle makes it easy to vary images and comments across team members. Unlimited images and comments can be added to a post, which are then round robin shared as the post is distributed. This way, employees with followers in common on social media will post unique content even with the same underlying post – generating higher engagement on your efforts.

Our new AI feature allows you to auto-generate one or more captions from the existing post or a sample caption you input. Learn more about our Social Media AI.


We offer amplification features to help you get more distribution automatically on your content! Boost your reach by auto-liking your employees shares with your company accounts. We also have a feature to automatically reshare top shares to your company accounts.

Expired Content

Expired Content

If you post about webinars, conferences, or any time sensitive announcement, you’ll love our feature that allows you to set an expiration date on the post. This avoids employees sharing out of date content to their personal social media profiles.


"Clearview Social is especially helpful for those marketers who have multiple responsibilities. A few minutes a week is all that I need to maximize my firm's social media presence.”

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