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How It Works


Article Queue

We give marketers the ability to create a queue of content to be shared by the team.


Content Suggestions

The team receives an email suggesting content to share, and with the click of a button they can share to LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networks without leaving their inbox.


Measurement Tools

How do we know it’s working? Our measurement tools track who shares, and how many people click or engage with shared content.

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What Our Clients Say

I’ve had older attorneys that I never dreamed would post on social media sharing articles through ClearView Social. We send out 1-2 share emails a week and depending on the number of articles, it takes me 5-10 minutes to put the emails together. I’ll tell anyone who will listen how much I love ClearView Social!

Stefanie Knapp Allen Matkins

ClearView Social is a no-brainer, it makes it so easy for me to share. All I have to do is open the email and click a button.

Nick Akerman
Nick Akerman Partner at Dorsey & Whitney

ClearView Social doesn’t discriminate! With ClearView, every attorney in the firm can participate in some aspect of business development.

Johnathan Fitzgarrald
Johnathan Fitzgarrald Chief Marketing Officer at Greenberg Glusker


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Press Releases

  • litvack-jeffrey-750xx167-223-0-0Former ALM Group President, Associated Press Executive Jeff Litvack Joins ClearView Social as CEO

    ClearView Social, the social sharing tool that helps professional services firms leverage their networks on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms to generate business, has appointed Jeff Litvack as its Chief Executive Officer. ClearView founder Adrian Dayton will now serve as the company’s Chief Innovation Officer, enabling him to focus on product improvement and customer experience, while Litvack runs operations and strategy. Dayton will continue to serve as ClearView Social’s Chairman of the Board, further ensuring the company’s continued success. Read more at

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Blog Posts

  • LinkedIn + Microsoft: A Win for the Social Media Eco-system

    LinkedIn + Microsoft: A Win for the Social Media Eco-system

    By now, it’s old news that Microsoft purchased LinkedIn for $26.2 billion dollars in cash. Tech sites, Time and even the Moody ratings agency have been fairly critical of Microsoft massively overspending on this acquisition—see here, here, and here. I, on the other hand, see this as a big positive for the social media eco-system, and here’s why: […]
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