Maximizing LinkedIn Marketing: 6 Tips | Clearview Social

With more than 830 million professional users worldwide, LinkedIn boasts a huge audience that you should be including in your social media marketing strategy. And with one in five people leaving their jobs right now, people are craving content that teaches them more about their industry or new skills so they can grow in their respective crafts.

Brands with the right strategy in place can use this influx of professionals to boost their engagement on LinkedIn and position themselves for growth. Follow these tips for best results as you’re crafting your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

1. Set up a LinkedIn profile or a LinkedIn page

When you sign up for LinkedIn, you can either create a page for your business or a profile for yourself as a professional.

If you choose a LinkedIn page, that will be for your whole business. Anyone can follow a LinkedIn page and they won’t have to receive your approval to do so. Pages are a great way to establish your brand further and share content that you want to be associated with your firm. Plus, people can easily share your page or content on their profile or with their connections.

On the other hand, LinkedIn profiles are more personal. These are a great way to share thought leadership that you want your customers to know comes directly from you. You can also message people so you can answer any questions potential clients may have about your business. However, you’ll need to accept people as a connection before you can talk to them, unless you pay for a LinkedIn Premium profile.

2. Optimize and refine your LinkedIn profile or page regularly

Whether you choose a LinkedIn page or profile, you’ll need to optimize it for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Add keywords to your profile page that you may have from other content your business creates, like blog posts, to help your page show up on a web search. Be sure to link to your LinkedIn page from your company’s website so it’s easy for people to find you.

You’ll also want to fully complete your profile by adding a high-resolution profile picture or business logo and be sure to fill out every available section. This is a chance for you to introduce yourself to new clients and show them why they should work with you, so you want to spend plenty of time setting it up.

You should plan on refining your profile as you go. You can update your company’s portfolio, include new achievements, and add any new areas of expertise that your company has to offer. These updates will help you stay in people’s feeds when you share on your page that you’ve made changes to your profile.

3. Post informative content catered to your audience

Consistently posting on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to grow your audience.

But professionals on LinkedIn aren’t interested in salesy content. The content that works best for LinkedIn marketing is informational. LinkedIn members are most interested in fresh, innovative topics that teach them more about their field.

When you’re crafting your LinkedIn posts, create and share content that educates, informs, or inspires your audience. These types of posts tend to create the most engagement on LinkedIn—and you want as many people engaging with your posts as possible. When others comment beneath your post, the post will also show up in their connections’ feeds.

When it comes to LinkedIn posting, you don’t have to strictly post original content. Even sharing someone else’s article or video and highlighting why it brings value to you will draw people in to start a conversation or maybe even share it on their own page. And don’t forget to check your LinkedIn analytics for a better sense of who’s interested in your content—it will give you valuable insight into how you can tailor your strategy for increased engagement.

4. Create visual content to increase views

When it comes to social media marketing, visual content is king.

Posts that include images generate 650% more engagement than posts with only text. When you’re writing your LinkedIn posts, be sure to throw in an image or two.

Another element to add to your LinkedIn marketing lineup is video. If you haven’t made a video before, there are various types of videos you can make for social media marketing. But when you’re working with LinkedIn, you want to focus on content that informs or shares new ideas. So try some of the following for your Linkedin page or profile:

  • Webinars
  • Explainer videos
  • Product demos
  • Expert interviews
  • Company value statement videos

5. Implement hashtags to make your content easier to find

You spend a lot of time creating posts to maximize your LinkedIn marketing, don’t let it get lost. Hashtags help people find content that they’re interested in. By typing in a hashtag, different posts and content will come up related to it. when you create a post, be sure to add relevant hashtags so users can find your content later.

But don’t go overboard with too many hashtags — that will make your post appear spammy and deter people from engaging. Be strategic and only use three to five relevant hashtags per post. First, search for the broad term associated with your post, then try to find a few more specific hashtags. That way, your post is more likely to show up first when someone searches those narrower terms.

6. Encourage your employees to participate through employee advocacy

If you spend all your time creating this insightful content for LinkedIn, then you want your employees to amplify that content through employee advocacy. You can get your employees involved just by asking them to add your company to their profile page. This helps get the word out about your business with little effort on their part. If they enjoy social media marketing, you can also suggest for your employees to participate in discussions in LinkedIn groups.

But people are busy, and they may not have the time to dedicate to your social media strategy. That’s why you should consider implementing employee advocacy software to maximize your employee’s engagement with queued content and allow them to share in one click.

Simplify your LinkedIn marketing strategy with Clearview Social

If you create great content but struggle with engagement, Clearview Social’s employee advocacy software can help. Sometimes social sharing is too much to do, so Clearview makes it easy for your employees to share on their personal pages with one-click sharing options straight from their email inbox.

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