REA and Associates – Case Study

Key Features for Success

Active client of Clearview Social since 2019

Rea & Associates are an accounting firm based in New Philadelphia, OH, and have been an active client of Clearview Social since 2019. The company has seen a heavy increase in their marketing reach due to their employees having a larger social media presence because of their use of our software. While a company’s social media presence is pivotal to success, Rea & Associates were more interested in having individual employees create a more profound market and social media presence, and Clearview Social has helped to bridge that gap. As a result, a majority of the company’s employees have become far more social media savvy, and have more than doubled their marketing objective since their initial use of our platform. More people are viewing the content that they offer than prior to their involvement with Clearview, and the employees themselves have found it easier than ever to share their content. Rea & Associates employees highlighted how easy it is to navigate with Clearview, making sharing both efficient and quick.


"Very simple and user friendly. I love receiving the weekly content sharing email. The ability to hit one button and have postings scheduled for peak times and on multiple sites is awesome! I also like being able to see how many people view and information on companies for opportunities."


Renee West
Director of Human Resources Consulting

"Incredibly easy. Legit one click and content is posted for an entire week, increased views and connections. And did I mention it’s easy."


Annie Yoder

Advisory and Consulting Practices

Clearview Social has been a game charger for us at Rea. It has been so great to get our team members on board and engaging more on Linkedln! They love how easy it is and have seen many benefits of just sharing more content on Linkedln. It is also amazing to see the reach we now have that our employees are sharing our content more regularly.

Rebecca Weiand, Practice Growth Manager