Uber’s Company Culture – Education Comes First

Uber finds success in implementing new education program focused on company culture. The classes are not mandatory, though participation continues to climb!


“Learning is great weapon in the battle of changing culture, but if you just stick to an e-learning program, I’m afraid not that much will happen”


The courses could be considered “e-learning” but there is one major difference – the classes are live, not pre-recorded, and participants’ faces are shown on a screen and they are encouraged to actively participate.


“I don’t think education is best taught in a required way. I, in my heart, know that if you volunteer it will touch you. And if you’re forced to attend, it may or may not touch your soul” – Frei, SVP of Leadership and Strategy, Uber


Overall the classes tout Uber’s corporate culture and educates current employees and contractors who wish to participate are welcomed.



Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/bizcarson/2018/02/03/inside-ubers-effort-to-fix-its-culture-through-a-harvard-inspired-university/#73c164a16954