3 Reasons Your Content Needs to Add Value

Something important to us here at ClearView Social is adding value. From the four values, we have displayed in our office to the information we provide to our clients and social media followers, value is everywhere. By definition, value means, “The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.” When producing content for your social media it is very important that you focus on adding value and here’s why:


1.        Useful Content Gets Noticed

I know we’ve used the word “value” too many times already but hear me out. It is so easy to pump out useless content onto a social media page. Perhaps you’re thinking, “I need to keep my platform updated constantly with new material!” But if all that material isn’t helpful or impactful to your target audience what’s the point? Taking the time to find and create useful content will give your page more value in the long run.


2.         Accounts That Add Value Gain Followers Organically

In the world we live in today you can buy anything and that includes social media followers. Buying followers may make your page look appealing to the eye but it’s easy to identify when your follower count doesn’t match your engagement count. When people see your content is genuinely interesting they will follow you on their own. ClearView Social founder, Adrian Dayton, shared a great point during his Social Media Master Class stating, “You could do it the fast and cheap way (buying followers) but that is completely worthless. It’s good and cheap to gain follower by yourself, it just takes a little more work.”


3.        Valuable Content is Worth Sharing  

If you are providing good content on your page you can go from being a reliable source for reference to a quotable source that others will make promote. This can be achieved by sharing content from other sources while also sharing original content from your company. ClearView Social has a new invention in beta testing called Post Haste that actually brings these two ideas together. It helps busy professionals find a quote from an article, add their thoughts, and link to the original article source. We expect this product to be available in April of 2018.

This post was written by Whitney Singleton. Whitney is the new Marketing Coordinator at ClearView Social. She is also the Social Media Manager for the ClearView Social Platinum Elite Facebook Group, an invite-only group for the top 1% of all the users on the ClearView Social Platform. You can email her here: whitney@clearviewsocial.com