3 Simple Ways to Get Your Employees Sharing




“Come try CrossFit with me,” my buddy said. “You’ll love it.” He said. “But I don’t, like, workout currently,” I argued. “No problem, they will modify everything so that you can do it,” he lied. I barely survived. I mean, I could still breath the day after, but I couldn’t walk, sit down or make a fist. I’m not trying to knock Crossfit for healthy people who are in great shape, but for me, it was serious overkill.

So many organizations complicate social media when it can be so much simpler. Here are three ways to make social sharing within your organization a no-brainer.

1. Make it easy for your employees to share on social media.

If you want your team to share to social media, make it as easy as possible for them. Got a new blog post or video?

Don’t ask them to go find it on the Facebook/LinkedIn page, tee it up for them. “Here is the link, just copy and paste it to share.”

Some of the most easy ways to tee it up is through an email, text, slack message or our however your company communicates internally. Just make sure you provide a link that they can share.

Example message in slack

2. Don’t expect your employees to be perfect at social media.

Having analyzed over 3.5 Million sharable links at Clearview Social, we’ve discovered that employee shares with comments get 55% more clicks than those without comments. So adding a comment is a no-brainer, right?

Sure, it’s better to share with a comment, but some people can’t think of a comment. So let them share without it. Some great headlines speak for themselves. Different team members are on different rungs of the social media ladder, if they are only ready to post without adding a salty comment, that’s progress.

You can work on getting them to add comments once they’ve made social sharing into a routine. If they absolutely must have a comment, provide them with a few suggested comments, just make sure they don’t all use the same one. Remember, baby steps.

3. Remove your employees’ fear of sharing on social media.

I have trained hundreds of organizations on social media. One of the most common fears employees share with me is, “What if nobody shares, likes or comments on my post?”

Just because nobody likes or comments on your post, doesn’t mean nobody reads it, but for new social media users, they don’t know that. Educate your team on the 1:9:90 model, created in 2006 by Charles Arthur. Charles Arthur said, “if you get a group of one hundred people online then one will create content, 10 will ‘interact’ with it (commenting or offering improvements) and the other 89 will just view it.”

  • The 1%: These are top influencers and content creators. They create new markets and new thought leadership.
  • The 9%: These are your enthusiasts. They comment, like, and share posts. They provide online reviews on Google, Yelp and other review sites. They are the ones that engage with your posts.
  • The 90%: The greater majority of the market. These are your lurkers, learners, and consumers. This is the group you don’t want to forget about. They buy from you.
1_9_90 Model (1)

4. BONUS: Provide moral support on employees’ social media posts.

It might not seem like much but it goes a long way. Give them a “like” or “heart” or add a quick comment. Even if they are in your same organization, it shows you appreciate them. Your comment and/or thumbs up will actually increase the visibility for their post and the chance that someone else will also like or comment on it.There are libraries full of books dedicated to advanced social media strategies for your expert users, but for the average joe, make it simple. Don’t try to turn your social media strategy into the marketing version of Crossfit.

There may be some hyper-advanced company that is ready for that, but my guess is your business would benefit from your team simply sharing out more of your content to their friends on a regular basis.

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