3 Ways To Improve Your Posts On LinkedIn | Clearview Social

Clearview Social Founder and CEO, Adrian Dayton, recently published 3 Ways to Improve Your Posts LinkedIn,  a look into simple things you can do to make your posts on LinkedIn more accessible, effective, and shareable.

The three best ways to improve your posts on LinkedIn are:

  • Images
  • Comments
  • Hashtags

The great thing about these is that they aren’t only for you, but as an admin on Clearview Social, you can help add these for the rest of your company.

Adrian stated, “Photos grab the attention of users when they are scrolling through the LinkedIn feed, so the better the photo, the more people are going to see it, not to mention the fact that the LinkedIn algorithm boosts posts with photos, anyway.”

Having a photo is absolutely necessary when it comes to improving your post on LinkedIn. Lacking a photo will leave you floating in a sea of text, unable to clamber to the surface for all to see.

If you don’t have a photo for your post, there is a multitude of free options that you can utilize to find one. One that I would recommend is Pixabay, a large source of royalty-free images that are available for commercial use.

In terms of comments, the expert of LinkedIn says, “The trick of the comment is to encourage a conversation, and encouraging a conversation is what dramatically increases the chances that a post will go viral.”

As we always say here, the point of social media is to be social and if you really want to improve your posts on LinkedIn, quit just sharing random links or images. It’s time to start engaging with the audience; without that, why are you even there?

Next up is hashtags, but who needs them?

You, you need hashtags.

“The whole point of a hashtag is to increase the visibility of your posts by allowing others to find them in searches. When you put a hashtag on your post, people searching the internet for that topic will be led to you, thus increasing the eyeballs on your post.”

If you want to improve your post, you need to up the accessibility and the best way to do that is to add a hashtag. A hashtag connects you to similar posts in the same vein and ties similar ideas together.

All in all, doing these three simple things can improve your posts on LinkedIn greatly. If you want to read the entirety of Adrian’s article on Forbes, check it out here.