5 Tips to a Stellar LinkedIn Profile


With Microsoft’s unprecedented acquisition of LinkedIn for $26 billion, we thought we’d share our five most important tips to ensuring your firm’s partners have great LinkedIn profiles:

  1. Have a credible profile picture. People are more likely to remember a face than a name, which increases the chances of establishing a connection with someone viewing your profile. Research has shown that a good profile photo boosts credibility, whereas a lack of a photo reduces credibility.
  2. Post a concise summary of who you are. Focus on what makes you exceptional and different from the million plus other accountants, consultants, or lawyers on LinkedIn. Consider using multimedia in the summary to make it more interesting.
  3. Personalize your headline. By default, LinkedIn will set your default headline based on your last job title (e.g., Partner at Skoda Minotti). Take a minute to customize your headline to tell your viewers what makes you different. For example, “Globally recognized tax attorney with a focus on M&A” would make a great headline.
  4. Include your complete employment and education history. LinkedIn uses this data to make it easy for their members to discover and connect with other users who’ve had relevant experience. Old classmates and coworkers are great prospects to reconnect with and they won’t easily find you if you don’t complete your history.
  5. Add your contact information. It’s surprising how many profiles don’t include basic contact information. What use is a stellar profile if no one can contact you?

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