7 Social Media Distribution Tools for Businesses

Creating engaging brand-adjacent content is one thing. However, managing and distributing it onto your brand’s platforms can be another ballgame entirely. 

Finding the right social media distribution tool is key to organizing your marketing strategies' back-end and ensuring your campaigns are always set up for success. 

Social media distribution tools will help you streamline your content development and upload processes while saving your team significant time and energy. To give you the edge, we’re going to delve deeper into social media tools and what makes them so vital for a functioning, success-driven brand in a media-dominated world. Plus, we’ve rounded up seven tools for you to choose from. 

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What are social media distribution tools?

Social media distribution tools are software platforms designed to organize, streamline, and manage multiple social media accounts at the same time while publishing content and tracking performance. 

These tools are instrumental in discovering new content, overseeing successful social media campaigns, and measuring analytics for enhanced performance and results. 

Key Features And Benefits Of Using Social Media Distribution Tools 

Without a strong social media distribution tool, managing multiple social media accounts can be challenging. These tools offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Ability to manage your socials in one easy, centralized place
  • Opportunity to save time and resources
  • Chance to track your social media analytics to determine what works (and what doesn’t)
  • Enhanced productivity and team collaboration
  • Deeper audience insights for improved engagement.

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Choosing the Right Social Media Distribution Tools

There are hundreds of social media tools created to streamline digital marketing management. But the number of options can make choosing the right one overwhelming. When selecting the right one for your business, it can help to be aware of the evaluation criteria: 

  • Usability – Choose a tool with a good User Interface (UI) design and natural usability. 
  • Value for money – Look for software with a good ROI. 
  • Integrations –The best tools integrate seamlessly for easy, effortless navigation. 
  • Variety of features – Select software that offers comprehensive reports, analytics, and advanced features. 

These are the four key criteria that you can use to inform your social media distribution tool decisions. The other option is to go on recommendation, but which are the best tools currently on the market? 

Social Media Distribution Tools Available For Businesses

Here is our list of the most popular social media distribution tools in the world right now: 

1. Clearview Social

Clearview Social is widely regarded as the best social media distributor in the employee advocacy sphere and beyond. 

With a strong emphasis on a more systemic use of social media and a focus on increasing both revenue and internal efficiency, Clearview Social ticks all the boxes and more when it comes to social media content management and distribution. 

What sets Clearview Social apart from other tools is its focus on automation. The platform provides user-specific insights into campaign performance, and its comprehensive employee advocacy software boosts online visibility and streamlines collaboration management. 

Most brands don’t know this, but employee advocacy on social media increases your brand engagement exponentially because people are more willing to connect with other people - and far less likely to engage with a business account where they can’t put a face to the brand name.

Other platforms may include stand-alone features similar to Clearview Social, but none have the same powerful combination, easily accessible in one place. 

2. Levity 

Levity can help you build AI workflows without code. Instead of being reactive with social media listening, you can use it to get more proactive. It helps you understand sentiment, uncover trends, and optimize messaging in response. 

By tracking the engagement or friction between specific keywords, you can also discover new audiences and potential influencers to work with. 

3. Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet allows you to share Tweets with ease. You can use the platform to write a specific message and generate a new custom link, tracking its performance. Whoever clicks on the link automatically has it added to their Twitter status box, making sharing super simple. This tool can work for small businesses that find that tweeting is the way to go for their small brand, but it’s not an all-encompassing tool, and you would also need automation and post-scheduling for other platforms when the time comes.

4. Sendible

Sendible offers scheduling, content monitoring, and reporting for your social channels. Unlike Clearview Social, employee advocacy and Chat GPT integration aren’t included. Sendible focuses more on basic social media management. 

You have access to content customization, a bank of post ideas, and analytics dashboards. You can also pull automated reports and respond to audience comments directly from the platform.

5. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is an easy-to-learn tool that helps you create, schedule, publish, and automate your social media content. With a focus on evergreen content, the platform helps you utilize existing content that resonates with your audience. It is all about re-purposing and re-sharing your most valuable content under core categories, using the assistant to schedule accordingly. 

Unlike Clearview Social, the reporting features are fairly limited, and it does not include features like gamifying social posting and AI caption generation.

6. Buzzsumo 

Buzzsumo is a social media distribution tool that offers content research software. The research capabilities that Buzzsumo offers are relatively comprehensive, allowing you to plan and conceptualize content that aligns with your needs. Once you’ve done your research, you can use those findings to create seed captions. However, Clearview Social can generate multiple versions for your different team members to share on their social platforms. Then, you can use the social media analytics dashboard to track your content’s engagement and to see if the hypotheses from your research are paying off. 

7. Audiense 

As its name suggests, Audiense puts all its focus on audience behavior and preferences. It provides insights into consumers and followers on a cultural level, adding some depth and dimension to your digital content strategy. But it’s more of a tool to combine with your employee advocacy software to really maximize user engagement, as we can see from research that employees sharing your company content greatly increases the engagement rate, as opposed to sharing from your company page only.

Transform Your Social Media Strategy

Using the right social media tool for managing content and campaigns can be the final step in making your brand’s marketing strategy world-class. Perhaps it’s time to invest in an all-in-one social media and employee advocacy software like Clearview Social.


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