AI in Social Media Marketing: Navigating the Path to Success

Artificial intelligence has been in the news headlines often recently, as tech companies experiment with using AI for everything, from pouring beer to writing rap music. Some of these applications are more successful than others: with social media marketing being one of the best use cases for artificial intelligence so far. 

The marketing industry is ahead of the curve when it comes to integrating AI wisely. AI in social media is already very common. According to one survey, four out of five marketing industry experts said they had already included some form of AI technology in their work. AI on social media in particular is helping brands boost engagement, implement robust marketing strategies, and increase reach to new audiences. 

This guide will break down some of the best applications for using AI in your marketing practice, as well as some tips for getting started with this revolutionary technology.

What exactly is AI?

If you’re a little confused by what artificial intelligence is, you’re not alone. Simply put, artificial intelligence is a machine’s capacity to mimic human cognition. AI can be used to interpret language, perform tasks, and make predictions. 

Machine learning (ML) is a subset of artificial intelligence that uses algorithms trained on data to produce adaptable models that can perform a variety of complex tasks. AI and machine learning are increasingly interwoven into our day-to-day lives, impacting everything from banking to healthcare to how we use social media.

How does AI impact social media today? 

Artificial intelligence is used by social media companies to continuously improve their offerings to users. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram are all using AI to collect and analyze data on their users. Often, AI is used by these platforms to improve their filters, reduce spam accounts, and serve posts that are highly relevant to users. Social media platforms’ use of AI impacts how marketers reach their target audiences. 

Fortunately, AI is also a solution for social media marketing professionals seeking to stay current with platform algorithms and consistently engage with followers. AI can help social media marketing teams navigate and improve content distribution, content creation, measuring social media campaigns, managing paid ad campaigns, and researching influencers, among other things. 

In one survey, marketers were asked about the ways in which AI on social media was already playing a key role in their strategy. They named several benefits, including: 

  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Analyzing large quantities of data
  • Personalizing social media marketing campaigns
  • Predicting conversion rates

Marketing professionals noted that artificial intelligence for social media posts was key to creating more targeted advertising. 

Let’s dive into how AI social media tools help achieve these benefits in more detail.

Automate repetitive tasks

AI-powered tools can automatically schedule posts, generate content, monitor and analyze engagement metrics, and even respond to comments and messages. This frees up social media professionals for more high-value strategic initiatives while allowing the brand to consistently post content. 

For example, Clearview Social offers PeakTime™ and automated content distribution, two AI-powered tools that make it easy for employees and marketing teams to maintain an active social media presence. The automated queue creation feature allows companies to automatically distribute blog posts to employees in a newsletter, to share, saving everyone time. 

Likewise, PeakTime is a smart scheduling algorithm that uses AI to find the best times for your company’s LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook posts to get the most attention. The tool measures the effectiveness of shares to figure out the best day of the week and time to send your post. It’s smart enough to schedule shares individually per social network to achieve the best results — giving your team time to focus on big-picture goals.

Generate customizable content

Personalized social media marketing messages resonate more with social media followers. But, tailoring your posts takes more than simply adding someone’s first name to the beginning of your content. 

For content to feel personal, it needs to originate from an authentic source. For companies, this is often your employees. Employee advocacy programs are gaining traction as companies are realizing that their team members are their best brand ambassadors. However, most employees aren’t content creators: they’re HR professionals, IT specialists, product designers, and project managers. 

Clearview Social’s Social Shuffle AI can help. The tool will generate new caption ideas for your posts, so your team members always have something unique to say. These captions can be generated by Social Shuffle AI and edited from there if you choose to, before being distributed to your team. Your team can select from two, five, 10, or more variations so captions always feel fresh and authentic. 

Social Media AI provides a good starting point for team members who are wanting to share news about your company. Auto-generated captions are unique, easy to use, and help posts get higher engagement.

Analyze your data

Many brands are using social media analytics to inform their campaigns and improve conversions. Machine learning can process large amounts of data to spot trends and deliver insight into whether your campaigns are working. 

Clearview Social’s analytics can show you which content generates the highest engagement from your team and your team's networks. This can help you to repeat the top-performing posts to improve your strategy over time. Track things like clicks, earned media value, and employee shares to continuously hone your content strategy

AI in social media marketing is poised to grow exponentially over the next decade. According to some estimates, the market for AI in marketing will exceed $35 billion next year. Brands that fail to integrate AI into their social media content may soon find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

Start using AI in Social Media marketing

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