The Top Content Discovery Platforms for Social Media

Marketing teams everywhere that are looking to level up their content in 2024 are asking: what is content discovery? 

The content discovery definition is deceptively simple. It is the process of finding and engaging with information a user is looking for online. But what does it mean for brands and marketing teams? Let’s take a closer look at this concept and get a better understanding of how it can help brands build better online presence and get their message across to the right audience.

Understanding Content Discovery as an Opportunity for Businesses

Content discovery is a double-ended process. On one side is the seeker: an individual who is looking for information, whether it's to learn something new, be entertained, apply for a job, or make a purchase decision. Online users can actively or passively search for content that fulfills that need. 

On the other side are marketing teams and content creators who produce and distribute information. Their goal is to make their articles, videos, podcasts, and social media posts more discoverable for the right audience. This is where content discovery gets more sophisticated—and more complex. 

Content discovery should be the highest priority for any marketing team. Producing high-quality videos, social media posts, or articles with no strategy for content discoverability is akin to throwing money into a void. 

There are so many factors that influence how content discovery happens, such as search engines, social media algorithms, content recommendations, and direct search navigation. Marketing teams that utilize content discovery tools and platforms generally have more success getting their content seen by their target audience.

The power of content discovery tools 

A content discovery platform acts as a powerful tool to help your content gain attention, compete, and stand out among the vast sea of digital content. These solutions help marketing teams leverage content for various purposes—from employer branding to social media marketing. 

Content discovery tools fall under three main categories. 

  1. Aggregation websites, such as Alltop, that bring together content from various sources in one place. 
  2. RSS feeds that share new content from sources that you choose to follow. 
  3. Marketing tools, such as Clearview Social, that take curation and distribution to the next level. 

Ultimately, content discovery platforms empower marketers to reach a wider and more targeted audience, drive traffic, and enhance brand visibility, contributing to the success of their digital marketing campaigns.

Why do you need a content discovery platform? 

Even the most basic RSS feed can help your marketing team meet its goals. RSS feeds and aggregation websites put your articles, videos, and social media posts directly at the fingertips of consumers. Content discovery platforms streamline the consumer’s search process while ensuring your brand is front and center. In short: your content is fed directly to the right consumers at the right time. 

The more advanced content discovery platforms offer more than simple discovery content. Platforms like Clearview Social also offer analytics that allow marketers to track the performance of their content campaigns and gain insights into user engagement, click-through rates, and other metrics to optimize their strategies. 

By leveraging a content discovery platform, marketing teams can streamline their content strategy and reach wider audiences more efficiently. 

7 best content discovery platforms 

These content discovery platforms can provide the many benefits outlined above and help you fuel your content marketing strategy. 

Clearview Social

Clearview Social is a powerful platform for streamlining the process of sharing fresh, high-quality content with your audience. This platform makes it easy to curate and distribute content to your corporate page and your employees’ individual profiles if they choose to share. Clearview Social enables targeted content distribution within specific professional networks. Users can tailor their content sharing to reach colleagues, clients, or industry peers.

To enhance content discoverability, ​​Clearview Social’s PeakTime™ finds the best times for your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook posts to get the most views—and engagement. PeakTime™ uses data from millions of unique social media posts to figure out the best day and time to send your post. Then, it schedules shares individually and automatically per social network to achieve the best results. 

Easily find content relevant to your industry

Clearview Social helps businesses and their employees find content on social media, Google Alerts, RSS feeds and more, all in one place


Facebook, with its massive user base, can be a great content discovery tool for marketers. Take advantage of the many communities on Facebook to spread your content organically. Participate in discussions, chime in on trending topics using hashtags, and share different formats on your company page, senior leader profiles, and among your employees. Facebook offers analytics that can also help you better understand audience preferences and pain points.

Learn about Facebook search to better optimize your content for this platform. Facebook uses incredibly powerful algorithms to connect users to their interests. By understanding Facebook’s advanced search filters, you can hone topics to more targeted audience segments based on specific criteria like location, date, engagement metrics, and post format.

X (Formerly Twitter)

Twitter is where topics start trending in real-time; conversations move fast, and getting your content in front of consumers at the right moment can be tricky. Twitter’s potential for content discovery lies in hashtags. Use hashtags to help users find your content and learn more about your brand. A good combination of branded and trending hashtags can make your content stand out. 

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Just keep in mind—especially as you design a content strategy—that conversations move fast on Twitter; what might be relevant one day could be old news the next. Keep your content fresh, and use your employees to amplify your tweets for maximum impact. 


Video is king when it comes to content, and YouTube is an invaluable resource for content discovery. There are many tips for getting discovered on YouTube—starting with formatting your videos to posting with keywords to using platform features like playlists. Many channels curate content into sections and playlists based on specific themes or topics. This helps YouTube’s algorithm rank your content for the right audience and makes your channel more discoverable.


Taboola functions as a content distribution platform to help your brand become more discoverable on other websites. It connects your content to the right audience using placement on sites that are relevant but not competitive. For instance, your video ad for skis could appear on next to a forecast for snow. If you’re confident that you have a solid content creation pipeline but are seeking ways to elevate your visibility, Taboola could be the right fit. 


Like Taboola, Outbrain focuses on placement to maximize your content discoverability. Outbrain is a content discovery platform that helps marketers promote their content to a broader audience. It operates by recommending sponsored content on premium publisher websites, offering a native advertising experience. 


Finally, Reddit is a great option for spreading your content through word-of-mouth. Many trends originate on Reddit: Reddit boasts millions of users across countless subreddits catering to specific interests, niches, and demographics. Find and participate in communities related to your industry, product or service, or location to generate buzz around your content. Be aware of the specific culture unique to Reddit as you join the conversation and share your content. 

Content discoverability will be a top priority for many teams in 2024. Get a content discovery tool like Clearview Social—one that doesn’t just only help you organize great content but also makes your content discoverable to others.

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