10 Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas for Brokerage Firms

Social media has become an indispensable marketing tool for different industries, and the real estate sector is no exception. Leveraging the power of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, real estate professionals can showcase properties, build brand presence, and engage with a vast audience. However, with the endless onslaught of content on social media, it can be hard not to get drowned out by the thousands of other agencies and brokerages posting online. The key to standing out is equipping your team with a solid social media strategy and access to the right tools.

Here, we’ll look at ways to grow your client base, provide easy-to-implement ideas for real estate posts for social media, and explain why strategies for effective engagement are so important.

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10 Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas

When it comes to creating consumable, high-quality real estate social media content, you need to keep several things in mind. This includes relevance, resolution, and value. Is the content relevant to your audience? Is it uploaded in the right format and resolution? What value does it offer consumers? 

From video walkthroughs to property transformations, there are more real estate social media post ideas than you might think—and none of them need to be dull or disinteresting. Here are 10 to get your agency inspired:

1. Just Listed Posts

Buyers (and sellers) want to know what’s currently available on the property market. “Just listed” real estate social media posts are the perfect way to address their curiosity. Upload regular selections of recently listed properties as they come in, giving your audience a clear view of market-relevant prices and options they may be interested in.

2. Video Walkthroughs

Video walkthroughs that feature real estate properties are five times more popular than virtual tours. They also improve the inquiry response on a listing by a staggering 403%.

This is due to several reasons, including ease of use, convenience, instant gratification, visual immersion, and trust. Being able to get a real-life perspective of moving through a property helps buyers feel more connected to the space and encourages them to book a viewing. 

3. Open House Announcements

Letting your audience know when you are hosting open houses is crucial for any real estate brokerage firm that is serious about social media growth. The more people are aware of your events, the more online and foot traffic you are likely to generate with each listing. 

4. Property Highlights

Taking a bit of time to focus on individual property highlights and best features is a great way to draw consumers’ attention online. You can think of it as a “get-to-know-you” post for properties. Create opportunities for your audience members to build deeper interest in the properties you list. 

5. Before and After Transformations

Everyone loves a good reveal. If your firm is responsible for any home renovations, document the process well so your audience can participate in the transformation. Visually and conceptually, this is a compelling social media content idea, and it ties in perfectly with real estate as a product. 

6. Client Testimonials

Modern consumers are more likely to trust other consumers’ opinions than big brands or businesses. Positive client testimonials and use case examples about your firm can motivate them to hire you. Testimonial posts can promote public perception, foster trust, and help your brand gain greater traction on social media. 

7. Market Updates

Not all of your audience is simply browsing through properties at face value. Plenty of them are likely to be interested in the current state of the market and how it impacts pricing, taxes, and other financial factors. 

You can educate this audience segment with striking infographics and quick, engaging news-style videos about the real estate market and how it impacts the properties being listed right now. If your audience starts to see your profile as a source of reliable information, they’ll begin to view your firm as transparent and worth investing in. 

8. Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy is a powerful tool in real estate social media marketing, turning your team into your biggest cheerleaders online. By highlighting the personal successes and stories of your agents and staff, you not only humanize your brand but also showcase the expertise and dedication behind your services. 

Encourage employees to share their achievements, testimonials from happy clients, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of their day-to-day work on their own social media channels. Using an employee advocacy tool like Clearview Social can help you manage your team’s output and make the process more streamlined.

9. Neighborhood Spotlights

Increasingly, buyers are placing importance on the community value that comes with a property purchase. When showcasing a certain region or neighborhood, focus your posts on what makes that particular area shine. These can include parks, cultural diversity, beach proximity, and stores—everything that adds value to the experience of living in a community adds to the appeal. 

10. First-Time Buyer Tips

Investing in real estate for the first time can be daunting, and a considerable segment of your audience may seek guidance. Meet that need for information by offering insightful tips that they can use to make their first real property investment—preferably with you! This type of real estate content for social media is incredibly valuable, not just to buyers but to your brand. It shows that you’re an authority on the subject and builds your audience’s trust in your firm. 

Create Real Estate Content That Counts with Clearview Social

Real estate agencies can harness the collective power of their team’s social networks to increase reach and visibility, ultimately driving more leads and conversions for their business. But it takes more than just understanding and vision to achieve these important goals—the right tools can make all the difference. 

Clearview Social’s employee advocacy software can boost social media posts and engage a wider audience while directly involving employees in the promotional process. 

Utilizing tools like social media AI, analytics, and enterprise functionality allows brokerage and real-estate firms to develop stellar employee advocacy campaigns. They can empower both employees and businesses to reach their professional goals. 

Coming up with high-quality real estate post ideas consistently is only possible with the right tools.  Software platforms like Clearview Social can help your brokerage firm develop and distribute relevant, high-value content for social media. Plus, it can empower your business to embrace employee advocacy programs for improved engagement, a wider audience reach, and greater buy-in.

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