How to Use Social Media Marketing Automation Effectively

Between new tools, new trends, new campaigns, new hashtags, etc., social media marketing can feel like...a lot. Before you know it, you can feel lost in the weeds.  

Now, you might think that you’d feel less lost in the social media weeds if things would slow down a bit, but the double-edged sword of that is decreased activity on your brand’s social platform might mean losing the traction you’ve worked so hard to cultivate.  

But what if we told you it was possible to take a step back from all the manual work while still ramping up engagement and activity? 

In 2023, you can streamline your social media efforts without scaling back your initiatives when you implement marketing automation. In fact, you can actually expand your campaigns and do more with less work with social media marketing automation.  

If you’re looking to save time and money while getting more ROI on your social media investment, look no further! Social media marketing automation might be a revolutionary tool for you in 2023.  

Social media automation basics 

Social media automation is a method of optimizing social media activities through software tools that do work for you.   

By leveraging social media automation, you save time and resources by cutting out manual management of your platforms (think scheduling posts or engaging in routine platform engagement). This allows you to focus on complex marketing efforts, like lead generation and conversion rate optimization. In the meantime, your social media accounts run themselves in the background.   

Social media automation also allows you to track your marketing KPIs and metrics on various platforms automatically and constantly. Reporting across multiple platforms has historically been cumbersome, time-consuming, and complex, but with social media automation, your metrics can be compiled into usable data—without the legwork.  

Social Media Processes to Automate 

Social media automation offloads time-consuming tasks, enriches team productivity, and boosts your business's ability to expand your marketing efforts in 2023.  

If any of the following sound like tasks you’d like to offload next year:  

  • Posting content across multiple platforms on social media 
  • Figuring out the best days of the week and times to post content 
  • Hiding spam/bots comments under your social posts and ads 
  • Putting together social media analytics reports 
  • Responding to customers' comments and shares 

… then keep reading to learn why automating them can improve your brand’s social media strategy while saving time and money to raise your bottom line.  

Benefits of marketing automation 

Social media automation helps companies make the most of their social media campaigns and achieve organizational goals effectively while saving time, money, and labor.  

76% of marketers witnessed positive ROI within a year after implementing automation, and 80% of marketers reported a boost in lead generation due to automation. Wondering how the impact could be that, well, impactful? Here are the potential benefits of automating your company’s social media:  

Save time and manual work 

With social media automation tools, you can schedule your posts and respond to engagements automatically based on customized parameters. These tools help you maximize your valuable time. By implementing social media automation, your time can be better spent finding new growth opportunities, engaging with existing customers, and concentrating on your business growth. 

Increase brand credibility through content  

With the time saved through automation, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry by posting high-value content tailored for your target audience(s). Thought leadership boosts your brand value and builds your credibility. You can use this extra time to optimize your content and assess audience needs and knowledge gaps in the market so you can fill them, establishing your company as a trusted and reliable resource.  

Stay consistent with minimal efforts 

Consistency is the key to success in social media—and automation can do it for you. Customers and prospects prefer to follow accounts with steady streams of content, but with all the work that goes into social media marketing, getting things scheduled in a timely manner can feel like a mad dash to the finish line.  

However, by auto-posting at optimal times, social media automation tools can bear some of the burden of maintaining consistency in your online presence. They can also automate responses to posts, which helps boost your engagement.  

Track data across campaigns with ease 

Social media marketing automation is the best way to track data across campaigns. You can efficiently track metrics and ROI from your campaigns without manual reporting. You can create custom dashboards and even audience reports automatically, pulling in data from multiple social channels into one aggregated report.   

Employee advocacy 

Underneath the social media marketing automation umbrella sits employee advocacy 

Employee advocacy focuses on encouraging employees to share thought leadership from your company. While this might seem like a project with limited return on investment, employee advocacy can dramatically increase your brand's visibility.   

Employee advocacy software programs can automate content sharing, post at peak times to engage more users, and can gamify engagement on platforms. It can be thought of as the culminating tool for social media automation. The tools all work in tandem to keep employees posting, accounts monitored, and data reported on.  

Save time and money on social media with Clearview Social’s tools  

Put your social media and employee advocacy initiatives on autopilot. With a robust suite of tools, Clearview can cut the manual work of social, allowing you to focus on bigger-picture strategic concerns.  

Save time with our unique features designed to help you to drive ROI with less effort. 

Clearview Social’s suite of tools 


Clearview Social does the heavy lifting for you by figuring out the best time to distribute each post. PeakTime™ is our scheduling algorithm that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find the best times for your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook posts to get the most attention. 

We can help you expand your reach by finding the best day and time to send your posts—which might differ across each platform! We then schedule the posts at optimal times to increase engagement on your posts.  

Virtual Assistant 

We make it easy for employees to take part in sharing company content with their social networks. Virtual Assistant allows a designated admin to post content to an employee's social media profile without needing them to approve every post. 

Automated Content Delivery 

Our automated queue creation feature allows you to distribute your blog posts to employees in a newsletter to share, saving you time and driving high-quality traffic.  

Social Shuffle 

When sharing content for your team to post, social shuffle makes it easy to vary images and comments across team members. This way, employees with overlapping followers will post unique content even with the same underlying post, generating higher engagement on your efforts. 


Amplification features can help you get more distribution on your content. You can auto-like your employees’ shares with your company accounts, and you can automatically reshare top posts from your employees to your company accounts. 

Expired Content 

Timely content doesn’t live forever—which means if you post about webinars, conferences, or any time-sensitive announcement, you can utilize time parameter tools that allow you to set an expiration date on content. This prevents employees from sharing outdated content on their personal social media profiles. 

Simplify and streamline your social media marketing with Clearview Social 

If you’re ready to stop spending time on administrative tasks for your social media strategy, Clearview Social’s social media automation tools can help. To streamline your social media marketing strategy and discover why tens of thousands of users trust Clearview Social, book a demo today.