Employee Advocacy: What You Should Know Before You Buy

While not every employee will be as excited about work as Michael Scott is about Dunder Mifflin, you can help your employees feel proud of the company they work for and support them in sharing their workplace pride online.

Many companies do this already, and the ✨official✨ word for it is employee advocacy. This is an umbrella term for when companies encourage employees to share company content and thought leadership on their personal social media channels. Employee advocacy boosts your company’s social presence and makes your employees feel like they have more ownership in the company they work for.

It can be tough to get started and keep the momentum going, so you’ll need to choose the right software that makes it easy for your employees to share. Here’s what you need to know before buying any employee advocacy software.

Benefits of employee advocacy

If you think having your company’s social platform is enough for your content strategy, think again.

Facebook’s algorithm favors local, familial, and friendly posts over business posts. So if you want to get the most out of your money spent on content creation, you need content to be posted on your employee’s personal pages, not just your business page.

Besides, employee advocacy won’t just help boost your social media presence—it will also benefit your employees’ careers. When they post thoughtful and informative articles and videos, it positions them as thought leaders and industry experts. (Plus, they’ll enjoy any rewards programs you implement with your employee advocacy strategy.)

When to start using employee advocacy software

There are a few things you need to do before you’re ready to start using employee advocacy software.

First, make sure you have a robust content marketing strategy with accessible content that your employees will want to share. Nothing stops an employee advocacy program faster than bad content. Avoid social media sharing don’ts and never rush content creation lest it sounds spammy or be filled with grammatical errors.

Once you have a few well-received pieces under your belt, encourage your employees to join you. But you don’t want to make social sharing a burden for them—you want employee advocacy as easy as possible. Here are a few tips to make social sharing straightforward—and successful—for your team.

  • Create simple guidelines so employees know what they can and can’t say in their social posts about work.
  • Make sure these guidelines are easily accessible so your employees can reference them quickly.
  • Let your employees share what they want; don’t require them to share every article or video on their social platforms.

And along with those three things, you need employee advocacy software that simplifies social sharing.

Must-have features in employee advocacy software

Not all employee advocacy software is created equal. You want easy-to-use software that simplifies your day, not a clunky interface that makes social sharing harder. Plus, you want accessible customer support and automation features that post for you.

So when shopping for employee advocacy software, make sure it includes these must-have features.

Article queue builders

Blog posts are a great way to establish thought leadership and create helpful content for potential customers. So to maximize your content reach, you’ll want to share these blog posts across your social channels.

Article queue builders are a great way to plan your content. You can copy and paste the URLs of the articles you want to share straight into the queue builder, then schedule when you want the articles posted.

Once your queue is assembled, you can select who receives it, whether it’s your entire team or a specific department or an individual employee. Because you can tailor your queues, it allows you to personalize content feeds.

One-click sharing

Your employees probably don’t have time to be curating content for your business, and they might forget to share regularly. So employee advocacy software makes it easy for them with one-click sharing.

Send your employees multiple posts via email, and then they can share all of them with one click on their personal pages. However, if they want to be more selective, they can choose which posts they want to share on a social platform. This lets your employees bulk create content for their social media channels.

AI scheduling

To maximize your content, you need to be posting at the right times for your target audience.

In general, there are peak times that people are online. Overall, the best time to post on social media is Tuesday to Thursday from 9 am to 10 am, with the worst time to post being anytime on a Sunday.

To take advantage of when your potential customers are online, you need employee advocacy software that offers AI scheduling. Look for features that determine the best time of day for you to post so that it gets as much visibility as possible. And this is done automatically: once you schedule your post, the program does the rest of the work for you.


It’s one thing to start your employee advocacy program, but it’s another to keep it growing. Analytics are your best friend when analyzing content. Any social media platform offers analytics. Twitter Analytics outlines your metrics for every tweet and provides a deep dive into your videos.

But while these tools are helpful, they don’t necessarily give you actionable data to improve your content.

That’s why you want employee advocacy software with a robust analytics program. Analytics should be able to show you the impact of your posts, with details about who is clicking on your content and which content received the most clicks. These specified analytics are easier to understand than just generic ones from your social media platforms and give you a better understanding of the content that’s working best for your brand.

This information helps you hone in on the types of videos and articles you need to create to grow your social media following, build your brand, and expand your employee advocacy program.

Clearview Social simplifies social media sharing for your employees

If you need to increase your online visibility through social media, consider Clearview Social’s employee advocacy software. With easy-to-use tools, you’ll be able to finally get your team members to consistently share on social media.

Our article queue builder and one-click email sharing make it easy for your employees to share to their personal pages in seconds. And with our AI PeakTime scheduling feature, your posts are live when the majority of your potential audience is online. Plus, when you utilize our robust analytics, you’ll know precisely the type of posts that work best for your brand.

If you’re tired of software that’s too hard to understand, we get it. That’s why Clearview offers on-page customer support chat that replies almost instantly if any issues come up.

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