BeachFleischman CPAs - Employee Advocacy Case Study

Some serious lift since 2014.

Key Features for Success

(Earned Media Value)



For this regional Arizona accounting firm, they had great expertise and great content on their site, but they needed to increase their reach. Very few of their partners and other team members were sharing blog posts and other articles on their social media platforms. In 2014, they became the first accounting firm to use ClearView Social to make it easier to get their professionals sharing. In their first year alone they had a 1,342 percent increase in traffic to their website from LinkedIn and they reported a year-over-year increase in online leads by 124. It is estimated that this increase in online leads brought in an additional $200,000 in new business, not counting new matters that converted through calls, emails or other methods that can't be tracked through the website.


Increase in traffic


In new business


Online leads


You literally couldn't make social media any easier.

Mike Montagna,
Business Development & Marketing, Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP