6 Content Amplification Tools and Strategies To Boost Impact

Content amplification helps expand your reach and the efficacy of your content marketing campaigns. Without content amplification, it’s easy for your social media posts, blog articles, and paid digital campaigns to fall into the void. Fortunately, there are some demonstrably effective content amplification platforms that can make it easy to spread your content.

What is content amplification?

The idea behind content amplification is to use various strategies and tactics to promote and distribute content to a wider audience—to literally amplify it on the platform on which you’re posting. Content amplification can help you reach your marketing goals, whether it’s to improve brand awareness, increase conversions, or build a bigger audience online. 

6 Content amplification tools to have in your arsenal

These platforms and specific content amplification tools can help ensure that your content marketing spreads far and wide. 

1. Clearview Social

Clearview Social has a range of best-in-class features that make it a go-to content amplification option for many companies. Content amplification can be a set-it-and-forget-it outcome with easy-to-use tools like Clearview Social. For instance, LinkedIn rewards pages with high levels of engagement, such as whether you respond to comments and shares on your content. A high level of profile activity is crucial for content amplification to work. 

And, by auto-liking your employees’ shares with your company accounts, the rest of your team is free for higher-level tasks, like responding to comments. Increasing engagement with your comments is a simple step that increases your LinkedIn metrics, boosts your brand credibility, and attracts applicants who see your business is run by real people. 

2. Quora

On Quora, anyone can create a profile, ask a question, and share an answer to others’ questions on nearly any topic. Use this option to establish thought leadership and to get to know your audience. Answer other users’ questions with depth and detail and your answer could be shared over and over again. 

3. Reddit

Reddit’s position as a combined social news site and discussion forum makes it a good place to post regularly and get noticed by other users. Find the right forum and share your content to get upvotes, or positive feedback on your thought leadership, blog articles, and videos. The more upvotes you get the more visible your content will be. And, the nature of Reddit encourages people to engage in the comments, which helps you build momentum and reach. 

4. Pinterest Ads

Businesses that pay for Pinterest ads can drive business on a platform that’s constantly adding tools to help brands get discovered. Pinterest makes it easy for users to share, like, and add content to their own boards, thereby sharing your material with other people’s networks. The amplifier effect is essentially built-in to the platform. But, it takes strong visuals, a budget, and the right hashtags to make sure your content gets seen. 

5. Outbrain

Outbrain is a pay-per-click tool that advertises your content at the bottom of articles related to your industry. Upload a content campaign via RSS feed, and the tool automatically looks for places to share your content. 

6. PR Newswire

PR Newswire is a hub for press releases. Many media outlets use this page to find relevant news they can use in their own stories, meaning your company updates could feature in a newspaper article or local news feature. 

There are dozens of content amplification sources out there. It’s all about finding the right one to fit your strategy.

Why is content amplification important? 

Before we dive into content amplification tools and strategies, note that content amplification is essential for businesses. If you are serious about content marketing, then you need to invest in content amplification.

Brands that don’t invest in content amplification may find they’re unable to compete for attention in a user’s feed. The average person sees hundreds, if not thousands, of social media posts in a day. Many of those posts are seen because of amplification methods, like paid advertising, influencer partnerships, search engine optimization, and guest posting. 

If your brand doesn’t use content amplification, it’s unlikely that you’ll be seen by a wide audience. BuzzSumo analyzed the shares and links of 1 million posts and found that 50% of randomly selected posts received eight shares or less. Moreover, 75% of these posts achieved 39 shares or less. Without amplification, it’s likely that very few people are motivated to share your content. 

“Effective content amplification can help you match the efforts of others in your industry and keep your audience's attention,” wrote Indeed.

Content marketing amplification also ensures you get the most impact with your marketing budget. When you spend money on a content marketing campaign, the worst-case scenario is that no one engages with it. Content amplification solutions help increase your ROI by increasing visibility, driving engagement, generating new leads, and building authority for your brand. 

How to create a content amplification strategy

There are dozens of options for amplifying your content, some more expensive than others. Before diving into the tactics, it’s important to design a content amplification strategy to help meet your goals. 

1. Decide what content to amplify

Not all content is ready for a bigger audience. Ideally, you’ll target your best-performing content for further amplification. “Content amplification is useless unless you’re promoting the very best content you have—the top 1-2% of your most exceptional content,” wrote Wordstream

Basically, content amplification should help build on the momentum you already have. If people are already reading and sharing it, there’s a good chance that amplification will continue to have an impact. 

2. Define a clear goal 

Like any marketing strategy, your content amplification strategy should include a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) goal. This helps determine if your amplification methods worked as planned. Content amplification serves many purposes, from lead generation to increased brand awareness to improved SEO. Defining a clear goal helps you understand which tactics to use and tools that can help your brand succeed. 

3. Find the right content amplification platform

There are dozens of content amplification tools at your disposal. Different content amplification tools offer different methods, such as: 

  • Online advertising
  • Paying to boost a social media post 
  • Email marketing 
  • Influencer campaigns
  • Employee advocacy campaigns

For instance, employee advocacy is an easy way to amplify your presence on LinkedIn and other channels. Clearview Social’s Employee Advocacy software makes it easy to turn your employees into agents of amplification. It starts with content: Social Shuffle is an AI caption generator that can generate new caption ideas for your posts to save time and effort while helping to improve ROI.

Then, Clearview Social’s content amplification platform recommends different posts for employees to post on their personal channels. Send team members a feed of content to choose from to repost on their own channels, amplifying company news with just a few clicks. 

Companies can boost their reach by auto-liking their employees’ shares with company accounts. We also have a feature to automatically reshare top shares to your company accounts. All this can be done right in the platform, simplifying management across multiple social media channels—including LinkedIn, a platform that rewards shares with higher visibility in user’s newsfeeds. 

And, Clearview Social follows the best practice of amplifying the best possible content. In order for a share to be eligible for Amplification, it must achieve at least 15 clicks within Twitter and five clicks on Linkedin. That means only the best posts are made available for further amplification. 

Learn more about how Clearview Social can help you amplify your content marketing. Contact the Clearview Social team now to find out how we can help you boost engagement with your content.