9 Tips to Generate New Business From Sharing to Linkedin

On March 23rd, Clearview Social founder Adrian Dayton hosted his webinar, “Social Sharing 2.0: 9 Tips to Generate New Business From Sharing to LinkedIn.” He was accompanied by “Streaming Lawyer” and Rainmaker Mitch Jackson.

Adrian kicked off the webinar by asking all the attendee’s what their “Word of the Day” was. While Adrian’s word was, “Pumped” and Mitch’s “Fantastic” audience members flooded the comment box with words including, fabulous, great, interested, and caffeinated.

Next Adrian went over his social sharing journey admitting, “My initial approach to social media was too self-promotional and frankly my first few tweets were just garbage. But I was using a software called Bitly which tracked the number of clicks I got. With this tool, I learned that if I shared something that had even the smallest whiff of being promotional nobody clicked on it.” Mitch followed up by sharing, “Having access to social media platforms is one thing but utilizing it in an effective manner is a whole other animal.” This led into tip number one: Stop promoting yourself.

Adrian went on to explain that the science of social sharing can be broken up into qualitative vs quantitative data. “We have the technology to measure the data but there is an artistic element to this as well, such as what people like and what people care about,” shared Adrian. He went on to discuss a way in which one could exercise the creative aspect of this formula with tip number two: Create Better Headlines.

Adrian went over two types of headlines. The short headline: “Speeding Car Crashes into Wall” vs the information-rich headline: “10 Ways to Save Money While Actually Spending More Money.” He also mentioned the following headline suggestions:

  •             40 Characters are ideal
  •             Use numbers
  •             Speculative language
  •             Add a personalized comment

Mitch chimed in sharing, “You can promote yourself by telling your client’s stories. You can promote yourself by adding value and developing a perceived expertise which will make people want to know and trust you and you can do all this by creating a captivating title.”

Tip three: Balance Your Sharing Frequency went over the fear that some people have of being an “over-sharer.” Adrian went on to list the following instructions for posting on social media:

  •             LinkedIn: 5x per week
  •             Facebook: 3x per week (business related)
  •            Twitter: More than 5x per day is recommended

“The value you get from a tweet, which only takes 45 seconds of your time, is something you don’t want to miss out on. By sharing more often you are building up your social media presence and making more connections,” shared Mitch. When asked by Adrian how he posts so frequently despite being a busy lawyer, Mitch replied, “No matter where I am I use my mobile publishing company,” as he held up his cell phone to the screen.

Next, Adrian displayed a The Little Mermaid meme featuring Ariel with the text, “I Wanna Be Where The People Are” along with the Twitter and Facebook logos. This witty image was the intro to tip four: Share Beyond Linkedin.

“Facebook gets 30 billion monthly visits, Twitter gets 4 billion monthly visits, and Linkedin gets 1 billion visits per month. People just aren’t going there to get information, it’s improving but if you just share to Linkedin you miss out on a big audience,” shared Adrian.

Tip five: Schedule Your Shares went over the best times to share on social media based on Clearview Social’s PeakTime algorithm. According to Adrian, Linkedin has more distinct early in the day peak times while Twitter and Facebook’s peak times gradually increase and last longer as the day progresses.

Tip six: #UseHashtags was the last data backed practice Adrian shared prior to Mitch leading the remainder of the webinar. “The hashtag allows you to become apart of a bigger audience that shares a common interest with you. A great tool to use is hashtagify.me which lets you find great hashtags to use,” shared Adrian.

Throughout the duration of the webinar it was evident that Mitch was very passionate about the practice of sharing both professionally and personally making tip number seven: Be Human a great section for him to take the lead.

A question was asked by an audience member about how to get employees to let loose and not be so stuffy when it comes to sharing on social media. Mitch answered this question by stating, “Give yourself permission to be yourself, that’s it. It’s really important to share your human side if you want to build relationships.”

Adrian stated, “You have really been a pioneer in Facebook Live and live streaming, tell us about tip eight: Livestream and build us a case for sharing video.” Mitch replied, “Once again embrace the human side of who you are and what you do. For example, you can share what you do for your community it’s a way to show your clients that you are human and there is no better way to share that then through video.”

Here’s an example of Mitch streaming:

Mitch continued, “I love the idea of tip nine: Repurpose! Repurposing is the practice of taking content that has already been created and sharing shorter versions or clips onto social media while linking back to the original post or video. It’s a way to do a digital dance that saves time and still grabs your audience’s attention.”

Adrian wrapped up the webinar by sharing how he finally learned the formula for sharing onto social media.

“I had this idea to write a spoof article that went semi-viral and it occurred to me that people loved it because it was entertaining, unexpected, and gave them a laugh. I learned that if I wasn’t writing something that was entertaining, life-changing, or impactful in some way, it just wasn’t worth writing at all and that idea has stuck with me and it has served me well.”

This post was written by Whitney Singleton. Whitney is the Marketing Coordinator at ClearView Social. You can email her here: whitney@clearviewsocial.com. Click here to download our strategy guide: 9 Ways to Get Your Employees Sharing to Social Media