AI in Content Marketing: 5 Ways AI Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Content marketing and AI go hand in hand. AI tech is one of the biggest marketing trends of 2023, and it’s changing how businesses run their campaigns. Using artificial intelligence in content marketing is helping companies to boost workflow efficiency, optimize content for specific audiences, and drive profitable conversions. 

But despite its growing influence in the marketing industry, there is still much about AI that businesses aren’t sure how to incorporate into their strategies. 

Having only really entered mainstream marketing and media development processes in the past decade, AI-led marketing strategy is yet another faction of content marketing for businesses to learn. However, this is something no one can afford to miss. 

AI content marketing has already fundamentally altered the way we approach both content creation and brand implementation, making it a crucial and profitable tool for any business aiming for success. 

To ensure you stay competitive, we’ve created this guide that tells you how AI content marketing is changing the marketing industry. 

Let’s dive in!

How AI Is Revolutionizing Content Marketing

AI has forever changed the way marketers approach the design, development, and execution of digital campaigns. From improving customer segmentation to optimizing ad targeting to leveraging predictive analytics, there are endless ways AI benefits this industry. 

Businesses can save time and energy by delegating time-consuming, repetitive, or heavy-lifting tasks to AI while they focus on other priorities. This has completely shifted how businesses approach workflow, productivity, and audience engagement. 

Using AI for content creation means gaining access to a much broader scope of material and insights than we are capable of alone. This results in higher search rankings, more compelling content quality, and a level of consistency that one can only rely on machines to achieve. 

Developing an AI content strategy is a great way to evolve your business. Let’s take a look at five different AI content marketing strategies any business can quickly adopt for improved productivity, efficiency, and accurate audience targeting. 

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5 AI Content Marketing Strategies You Can Easily Adopt 

Integrating AI into your marketing strategy is easier than you think. In fact, there are five accessible ways that brands can adopt AI for content marketing. Use these to get started:

1. Automate and optimize your content strategy 

The amount of time and energy it takes contemporary marketing strategists to develop content campaigns is immense. But with AI, it becomes significantly more manageable. For instance, an AI content marketing platform can help you: 

  • Prioritize content in order of audience receptivity and engagement 
  • Post and publish at optimal times for maximum impact and visibility
  • Organize your content schedule for optimal engagement

Ultimately, AI can be a powerful tool for automating your content creation and planning process. This allows you to keep track of your brand objectives and allocate your manual time and energy where it is needed most. 

2. Use AI to create optimized content

When it comes to effective content marketing, the first thing to consider is, of course, content creation. But designing and producing content from scratch can become a challenge—which is precisely where AI can be of support. 

Social media

An AI caption generator can help you produce compelling, brand-specific content in far less time than any human can and with minimal direct input. AI can also help you post to social channels at the best times to reach your audience, as we know that audiences frequent different social channels more at certain times and using AI to determine the best time to post can make a huge difference in your engagement.


It’s best to write your SEO content the old-fashioned way though, as content generated by +AI writing tools is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, says Search Advocate John Mueller. AI tools can help writers brainstorm and gather ideas, but research has shown that Google can determine if content was AI-generated.

The possibilities are endless

Companies like yours can use AI to produce editorial briefs, email campaigns and even generate ideas for future content. AI content recommendations assist with creativity and provide new ideas and insights into topics you can cover. 

3. Discover AI analytics and insights that improve your campaigns

By now, we all recognize the immeasurable value of data analytics. But it’s largely due to AI that we have access to information like this—and part of why using AI analytics is one of the best ways to improve your campaigns. 

AI analytics comb through vast amounts of data that would take humans days to process, giving you a major competitive edge while driving up prediction accuracy and general efficiency. 

This also helps with the implementation of different marketing strategies, such as employee advocacy campaigns

4. Repurpose and refine your content to fit multiple channels

Something which tends to hold a lot of content marketing teams up is the need to repurpose content multiple times in order to optimize them for different social media channels. But with content marketing AI tools, this doesn’t have to be the case. 

For instance, you can use AI transcription platforms to transcribe different types of content for uploading onto multiple channels simultaneously. The AI will tweak each one to meet the format requirements of your highest-performing sites. 

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5. Utilize SEO optimization

The world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has seen quite a few changes over the past two decades—and AI’s influence is one of them. The right content marketing AI platform can help you perform a wide variety of different SEO-related tasks, such as: 

  • Meet word count goals
  • Recommend backlinks
  • Suggest which internal links to add
  • Perform keyword research 
  • Produce example headings, titles, and topics 

With the support provided by an SEO-centered AI content marketing platform, your business can save a huge amount of time and energy that would usually be expended on manual research and SEO content production. 

Let AI Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

As you can see, there are many ways to incorporate AI into your content marketing strategy to optimize and enhance various marketing avenues. That said, navigating the world of AI can be challenging when you’re still building up experience with it, which is why Clearview Social is here to help. 

Clearview Social is an employee advocacy platform designed to help companies like yours develop more effective strategies for marketing on social media and beyond. 

With the expertise and experience provided by Clearview Social, your business can access some of the best minds in the business to learn how to work with AI for improved efficiency, more informed strategy development, and, ultimately, success. Contact us and book a free demo today.