Creative Social Media Post Ideas for Law Firms

The American Bar Association found that 35% of lawyers who use social media report getting clients from it. This is because social media can help law firms build a strong reputation, bring in new business, and improve client satisfaction. 

In this guide, we’ll cover some law firm social media post ideas to help you find inspiration for your Instagram, Facebook, and beyond. Read on to learn how to leverage social media for your attorneys and find examples of other lawyers’ social media posts. 

Creative Law Firm Social Media Post Ideas

Here are some post ideas to help you create a law firm social media calendar that helps grow your business. 

How to market a law firm on Facebook 

A survey from Attorney at Work found that solo attorneys are finding success at using Facebook. “Facebook is the platform of choice for solos and those in firms of five or fewer attorneys, while those in larger firms tend to congregate on LinkedIn,” wrote the media outlet. 

Facebook is a good place for building your reputation in your community. It’s where your firm can share content focused on thought leadership, such as: 

  • tips and opinions about your area of law; 
  • client feedback and testimonials; 
  • relevant local and national news stories; 
  • events and news about your company; and 
  • answers to frequently asked questions. 

Most experts recommend posting on Facebook one to two posts per day. Ideally, you’ll use a content calendar to visualize your overall content strategy across social media channels. A content calendar will also help you determine where your content is performing well, and where there could be a progress improvement. 

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How to market a law firm on Instagram

Instagram’s visual nature makes it a great place to share video content and infographics. Consider using Instagram to explain laws or legal rights, go behind the scenes at your firm, or share funny law-based memes. Other law firm Instagram post ideas include: 

  • Client reviews and testimonials
  • Share tips relevant to a certain area of law (e.g., personal injury, estate planning, intellectual property)
  • Host a live Q&A on a certain topic
  • Dispel common myths about certain rights or processes

Take advantage of the many content formats available on Instagram, from Reels to Carousels to Live updates. We recommend sharing three to five posts per week, plus up to two Stories per day on Instagram. 

How to market a law firm on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a great fit for marketing your law firm on social media. This professionally-focused site can help further your recruitment efforts, generate new leads, and position your lawyers as experts in your practice area. Use LinkedIn to share: 

  • Open roles and hiring opportunities
  • Educational content (particularly for B2B clients)
  • Firm news and awards
  • Case studies and legal resources
  • Events

We suggest posting on LinkedIn once or twice a day and encouraging your team to amplify your posts. 

LinkedIn rewards pages with high levels of engagement and a tool like Clearview Social makes it easy for your team to boost your engagement in just a few clicks. Our platform can auto-like your employees’ shares with your company accounts. We also have a feature to automatically reshare top shares to your company accounts.

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How to market a law firm on TikTok 

As the newest social media channel on this list, many law firms are wary of including TikTok in their social media strategy. Consider your audience before diving into this platform. If you plan on working with Millennials and Gen Z members, it’s worth investing in understanding TikTok’s tools and trends. 

Many lawyers are using TikTok to share funny law-related content, break down complicated law concepts, and build relationships with younger users. 

Why should lawyers use social media?

As you generate law firm social media post ideas, consider the benefits that your lawyers can reap from sharing the right content. 

Establish trust and credibility

Research shows that one in four people won’t hire a lawyer with no recognizable web or social media presence. Social media provides space for sharing content that establishes credibility with current and potential clients. Law firms can share wins, testimonials, industry news, and interviews with experts to create a presence that people trust

Build awareness

Lawyers often struggle to get “earned media” or content that others create about you, such as news articles and other traditional media coverage. Social media provides the opportunity to counterbalance that deficit using owned media—marketing content your brand creates, owns, and publishes. 

Owned media is incredibly effective in your content strategy. It’s content that you have control over—meaning you choose where and when it’s published. 

“If your blog posts and client alerts aren’t getting as much readership as you would like, compared to the amount of time you’re spending writing them, social media can help with this IF you get your lawyers involved in spreading the word about them,” wrote the National Law Review. 

Clearview Social’s Employee Advocacy software makes it easy for your attorneys to choose which content they wish to share on their channels in just a few clicks—spreading the reach of your content beyond your company’s followers.

Practice social listening

Social listening involves monitoring social media conversations to understand what people are saying about your law firm, industry, competitors, and other relevant topics. This step will provide you with plenty of insight to build better content by understanding what your audience cares about. 

Remember, social media users want to be engaged with, not at. Create a law firm social media calendar that includes steps for responding to comments and engaging with your followers (not just posting). 

Generate leads

The Attorneys at Work survey found that more than two-thirds of those lawyers say social media is “very” or “somewhat” responsible for bringing in new clients. Social media is an invaluable tool for fostering relationships with potential clients and converting them into long-term partners. 

Recruit new hires

If and when the time comes to expand your law firm, you’ll want to attract the best and brightest to your team. Social media should form a core component of your recruiting efforts. Simply posting regularly to your law firm page can be a good start toward building your employer brand and attracting new hires. 

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Leverage Clearview Social for your law firm’s social media marketing efforts

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