Employee Advocacy Tools: Signs You Need to Invest in One

An employee advocacy campaign can expand your brand’s organic reach and create deeper connections with customers. But managing this type of campaign efficiently requires time and planning, which can be exhausting for already active teams.

However, there are ways to streamline and simplify the process and ensure that your campaign is an ongoing success. Investing in employee advocacy tools is one of the best ways to reap the benefits of this effective form of marketing while still allocating enough time and energy to other projects. 

If you’re ready to build a stronger brand and increase your online presence, here’s how employee advocacy software can add value to your business. 

Understanding Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy is a social media marketing strategy in which the employees of a company post promotional brand content to their individual Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn profiles. This builds trust, creates engagement, and boosts leads.

With a strong employee advocacy program, your business is better equipped to: 

  • Organically grow its audience – The more employees you have sharing promotional brand content, the more your organic reach will grow. 
  • Share more compelling content with consumers – People love to hear stories and experiences directly from the employees of brands they follow. This creates more compelling and authentic content that can drive up engagement metrics on social media. 
  • Advocate for the positive reputation of your brand – Having a trustworthy and positive reputation is critical for any brand—and it’s something employee advocacy programs do well. 
  • Generate more online traffic – With a larger and more diverse audience, increased traffic to your website and other brand portals becomes a natural by-product. 

An employee advocacy program can also improve recruitment rates and boost employee engagement. All in all, it’s a practical and increasingly popular strategy for strengthening brand awareness and helping businesses push their social media metrics to the next level. 

What Are Employee Advocacy Tools And How Do They Work? 

As technology evolves, the variety of tools we have access to does too. Software tools are designed to make managing our lives (or businesses) easier—and employee advocacy tools are no exception. Employee advocacy tools can be a game changer for big and small teams across the board. 

From automation to data analysis, this kind of tool streamlines campaign strategy and supervision. 

  • Automate – Your company can automate certain processes such as content scheduling, uploading, security, and general management. It can even help you find the best times to slot posts for the furthest reach and engagement possible. 
  • Organize – Every good employee advocacy tool needs strong organizational value. This one will help you assimilate better team communication, content creation and storing, shuffling, and more. 
  • Track – Tracking progress in the form of KPIs is essential for any social media campaign. Employee advocacy tools are designed to help you set the right campaign goals and monitor them efficiently and accurately. 
  • Amplify – Some tools allow you to receive automatic amplification for the distribution of each post. That means higher engagement, leads, and conversion rates. 

While some of these features can be done manually by physical employees, their focus may be more needed elsewhere in the hustle and bustle of everyday corporate tasks. Employee advocacy tools can alleviate some of the pressure involved in content strategy and result in a more accurate, optimized campaign. 

Employee Advocacy Software Pricing

Employee Advocacy Software Pricing


Signs Your Business Could Benefit From An Employee Advocacy Tool 

If you’re unsure about whether your business needs an employee advocacy tool, we’ve created a handy checklist for you to peruse. 

You could benefit if: 

1. Your team struggles with communication 

Getting everyone on the same page can be a constant struggle for large teams. Miscommunication is the root of many poor decisions and can contribute to social tensions between employees. Clear communication between integrated platforms becomes much easier with an employee advocacy tool. 

2. Your team is remote or hybrid

According to stats from 2022, roughly 16% of the world’s employees are working remotely, while 62% have committed to a hybrid workflow. 

Both of these alternatives have their benefits. But one of the few downsides is that remote or hybrid working can cause problems with collaboration between different employees and departments. 

If your business is launching an employee advocacy program, a tool specifically designed to support that process, it can profoundly impact both the developmental process and the outcome. 

3. Your strategic decisions are made with educated guesses, not data

Having access to accurate data can make all the difference to the outcome of your campaign. With an employee advocacy tool, you won’t need to rely on unpredictable guesses and estimations. You’ll have the luxury of making decisions that are as informed and accurate as possible. 

4. Employee engagement is down

Low employee engagement is a very common problem in the choked-up corporate world of today. Fortunately, there are two ways to rectify this issue: with an employee advocacy program and a tool that supports it

Not only does the program actively work to improve employees’ job satisfaction, but it’s also a great way to make your workers’ lives easier. Software optimization tools help people to save time and energy while fostering a healthier company culture. 

5. You haven’t implemented an employee advocacy program before

Launching a new campaign often comes with some growing aches and pains. However, the process can become much smoother when you have a tool specifically designed to streamline and supervise it. This tool can make the process less stressful if you’ve never implemented an employee advocacy program. 

How Can Clearview Social Help?

Clearview Social is a platform dedicated to providing clients with support, guidance, and solutions for social media and employee advocacy campaigns. 

Through Clearview Social, your business can access many powerful employee advocacy tools and features, such as enterprise functionality and social media analytics. Better yet, you’ll gain access to multiple resources including ebooks, guides, webinars, and support. 

Your team doesn’t have to navigate this road on its own. 


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