Getting the Most From Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook’s 2.9 billion users make it the largest social media platform in the world. And anything that has that many s on it is worth incorporating into your marketing strategy.

But Facebook isn’t easily impressed.

To get the most out of your Facebook marketing strategy, you need to be sincere. At every step of the process, it’s important to create something that’s helpful for your potential clients and interact with users as much as possible. Facebook rewards people who create helpful content: if you’re just putting as much content on your page as possible, the Facebook algorithm will see it as spam.

Carefully consider these steps to maximize your Facebook marketing.

Create a Facebook page that aligns with your business

To get started with Facebook marketing for your business, you’ll need to create a business page. If you create a personal page instead, the platform may choose to kick you off, so don’t try that as a way to reach more people.

On your Facebook page, you should include helpful information that a potential client could also find on your website. Fill out your profile as thoroughly as possible, adding business logos or photos as your profile photo and cover photo. Since the cover photo stays at the top of your page, there’s an opportunity to add some of your firm’s current marketing copy, like a tagline or a CTA.

Facebook business pages include tons of helpful features for audience engagement, like the ability to interact with other users as a brand by liking their posts. You can also save replies with the response assistant so you can reuse responses (but be sure to tailor them slightly to each comment so you don’t look like a spam bot).

Try out different types of Facebook posts

To raise users’ engagement on your Facebook page, try out all the different types of Facebook posts and see which ones work best for you. While content with video and images usually gets more Facebook likes, the most important strategy is to create posts that actually help your potential customers. Each of these post types is worth trying out as part of your Facebook marketing:

  • Video: On Facebook, you can do live videos (an especially good idea if someone in your office was a theater or film major) or share previously recorded content. There are tons of different types of videos you could make, so focus on the videos that align with your social media strategy.
  • Images: People want to share helpful information, news—or just something cute with their friends and family on Facebook. A helpful infographic or a funny meme with a puppy related to your business can encourage people to share your Facebook content. Just make sure your image posts stay brand-focused, even when you’re aiming for something funny and light.
  • Links: If your website already has a blog, Facebook presents a great opportunity to gain more traction for your content by linking to your blog posts. You can also share any other helpful links from your website, or curated links related to your industry that your audience might find interesting.

Utilize audience insights to create client personas

Audience personas are imaginary people your team creates with the help of a little research. Your personas reflect different aspects of your typical customers or clients, so you can brainstorm ways to reach this audience and pitch your content to them in a more targeted way.

Facebook helps you accomplish this with its plethora of analytics features, called Audience Insights. While Audience Insights is part of Facebook Ads, you don’t have to pay anything to use these features. Insights provide information and concrete data about your audience’s demographics and behaviors.

Use this information to tailor your client persona further and develop new content ideas that will drive users to your site.

Always interact with your potential clients and customers

One of the most exciting elements of social media platforms is that you can talk to people one on one, even if they haven’t purchased anything from you yet. So when someone comments on a post or messages you, you always want to respond. Here are some common ways to drive visitors to your page—and keep them coming back.

Talk to clients one-on-one with Facebook messenger

You can use Facebook messenger, a separate app when on your phone, to talk with members of your audience. If someone has a question about a product or service, they can send you a message. You’ll want to download messenger on your phone so you can answer their questions quickly and thoroughly.

Plus, a lot of people consider talking on the phone a literal form of torture. With Facebook messenger, you allow people to ask questions in a way that feels comfortable for them.

(And if they enjoy the experience, they just might post or share about you on their personal Facebook page.)

Reply to Facebook comments

Reply to every Facebook comment, no matter what. If a customer says a nice thing about your brand, thank them. And if someone says something you don’t want to hear, address their concern. This will build trust with your audience when they see that you aren’t afraid to tackle a customer complaint online.

Like and follow your client’s content

Facebook business pages work similarly to personal pages in that you can like and follow other people—and you should be taking advantage of these functionalities. Invest in anyone who comments on your page. Don’t harass them to buy your product or sign up for your services, but take a genuine interest in the content they produce.

This shows them that there are real people behind your business, and they may take a greater interest in what your business can do for them.

Stay on Facebook for the long haul

With Facebook, results won’t happen overnight. You need to share consistent, helpful content to grow your page. Don’t rush this by spamming the first person who likes your page’s inbox with coupons or information about your product. Let the people come to you, and engage with them politely when they do.

Maximize your Facebook marketing strategy with Clearview Social

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