Four Key Ways to Use Video in Your Social Marketing Strategy

One of the best things you can do for your company is to implement video marketing on your social media pages.

In fact, 86% of businesses already use video in their marketing strategies—and they’re seeing a pretty significant return on investment.

A 2020 study conducted by Wyzowl found that:

  • 83% of video marketers said that video helped them with generating leads 
  • 87% of video marketers said that video increased website traffic
  • 80% of video marketers said that video directly increased sales

But because social media is such a vast landscape, it can make you feel invisible if you don’t reach the views you want on a certain video. To attract more people to your video advertising campaigns—and to make the right impression—some strategies work better than others.

Consider the suggestions below to beef up your marketing and attract new audiences.

1. Offer a unique idea

With more than 4 billion videos shared on Facebook alone every day, it’s easy for your content to get lost in the (live) stream.

To make the time and effort you put into shooting video worth it, your video content should provide a unique idea or message that specifically relates to your business. Keep your call to action in mind and focus your message on driving that forward.

No matter what your goal is for your videos, every video should communicate why your brand, firm, or product is worth people’s time. Even if your focus is making funny Twitter videos, center them around what you have to offer that no one else does.

2. Showcase your company culture and values

People don’t want to just buy from any brand—they want to buy from brands that reflect their own values and beliefs. And there’s no better way to showcase your values to your current and potential audience than through video.

Company mission and value statements

Your mission and value statements are probably on your website, but not everyone is going to read those pages.

The best way to get your mission and values out there is to create short videos that are shareable on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This way, anyone who scrolls through their feed and follows you on these platforms will see your post show up. They won’t have to hunt through your website to figure out what you’re about, it’s coming straight to them.

Plus, it gives your executives a chance to be spokespeople for your brand. When your audience learns more about the people at the top and what they stand for, they’ll better understand your intention and purpose for your business. And if consumers like what they hear, they may click through to your website, earning you more traffic and maybe even new clients.

Company culture spotlights

What’s it like to work at your company? How do you and your employees put your brand values into action?

Showcasing your company culture in videos can be highly impactful, whether it’s a short, thirty-second clip interviewing someone on your iPhone during a fun happy hour event with employees or a professionally shot in-depth Q&A with someone celebrating five years at the company.

Company culture spotlights give your audience a peek behind the curtain. They experience for a brief moment what everyday life is like for people who work for you. And if your audience feels engaged, they’re more likely to invest in your company as a whole.

3. Variety is your friend

To keep your video marketing interesting and your audience entertained, try out a variety of video styles for your social media pages. This can include everything from informational content like explainer videos to entertaining content like a funny comedy short with two of your staffers about an aspect of their workday.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos help your audience understand an issue or question they have about your product or services. These are like a how-to video, but it’s more centered on a pain point or issue your customer has and how your product solves that.

What makes explainer videos so fun is the additions made while editing videos in the post. Consider including fun on-screen graphics or animation that adds depth or comedy to the video and keeps people entertained so they watch all the way to the end.

Expert interviews

Interviews with employees or experts are a great way to establish your brand’s authority and build trust with your target audience. You can use a Q&A interview with an employee to share an aspect of your company culture, or you can interview an expert in your field who enjoys your product.

Customer testimonial videos

Client testimonials prove to your audience that you create a product or service that works. It’s helpful for audiences to see short clips from clients or consumers specifically stating what’s so great about your company. This helps your customer understand why your specific product or service will change their life for the better.

Entertaining content

People love sharing video content that makes them laugh, so don’t undervalue the worth of a short clip that includes a joke or some cute kittens. Resharing or retweeting is like sharing someone else’s joke. If it’s good, people will do this again and again, giving your brand or firm more visibility online.

4. Encourage employee advocacy for organic brand awareness

Employee advocacy encourages your staff to share content from your company to create organic brand awareness. Social media employee advocacy is the most cost-effective because it’s a grassroots movement, so you don’t spend any extra on advertising. You can invite your employees to share your company’s content, either by simply asking them or by creating fun challenges to encourage them to participate.

Your customers will be more likely to see and engage with your posts if an employee they know shares it on their personal page (after all, your corporate pages only have so much reach for people you haven’t already served). When your employees themselves share your videos, more people will tune in to watch.

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