Social Media AI Tools, Tips, and Best Practices

Managing social media efforts can be a challenge, even for established brands and businesses. But with the integration of social media AI tools, it can become a whole lot easier. 

With AI tools for social media, your marketing strategy can become more streamlined and concise, empowering you to reach new engagement goals and step into the next phase of your marketing evolution. 

Today, we’ll look at what social media AI tools are and how you can use them to your brand’s benefit. 

What Are Social Media AI Tools?

Social media AI tools are software tools that can help you to manage, create, and optimize your social media content and strategy. 

These tools come in many different shapes and forms and can offer powerful results in a number of different social media-related areas, such as: 

  • Content creation 
  • Content scheduling 
  • Strategy development 
  • Provide data insights 

You can also use social media AI tools to integrate a range of different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X (previously Twitter). This makes it easier to manage multiple channels at once, significantly streamlining and simplifying content scheduling and campaign management. 

These tools can also adjust content to match the requirements of each of these platforms, helping you to connect with each set of audiences in the most synchronistic way possible. 

For more information about implementing AI into your social media, watch this webinar.

The Best Social Media AI Tools Available Today 

There are a few social media AI tools on the market, but only a few are worth using. The right tool for your business should align with your brand needs, be within budget, and empower you to reach engagement and organizational goals with ease. 

We’ve rounded up a list of the best social media AI tools currently available. Take a look at these powerful tools for enhanced social media management, ranked in order of efficiency and popularity. 

1. Clearview Social 

Clearview Social is the number one social media software tool available. Businesses that use Clearview Social have access to some of the highest-performing AI tools and features in the industry. 

Clearview Social can perform a number of different functions relating to social media automation, caption generation, and scheduling. It also provides tools and resources for creating employee advocacy campaigns geared toward increasing engagement and revenue.

Clearview Social makes it easy for you to put your social media initiatives on autopilot. It’s a great all-rounder for any brand that wants to elevate its social media strategy. 

To make social sharing super fast and engaging at the same time, the Social Shuffle AI has Chat GPT integrated into the tool to help your marketing manager generate multiple captions for your team to share on their social media platforms – quickly and easily. Social Shuffle then distributes these unique captions to your team members in a round robin way, so they can share your company’s content without taking time out of their busy work day.

In terms of social media upload times, Clearview Social’s PeakTime™ AI is another great tool to have on your side. It schedules content to be uploaded during periods of high activity (different for each social platform), ensuring that your online presence is as engagement-oriented as possible.

2. is an image generation platform with an array of features. You can get anything from AI-created photos, book covers, wallpaper, posters, and logos to illustrations, stock images, and art. 

Most of today’s social media platforms hinge on visual accompaniments for posts. But content creation can be a costly endeavor. Dedicated photoshoots take a lot of work, and if you’re looking for professional, quality imagery, you have to be willing to dedicate time and funds. Before you know it, you need more content and the cycle begins again. Using an AI image generation tool can streamline this whole process, allowing you to build exactly what you need to support your social media strategy. 

3. Riffusion

Riffusion is an audio generation platform, dedicated to creating sounds to match your prompts. You can choose anything from “classical Italian tenor” to “acoustic folk violin jam.” 

Social media platforms like TikTok have reinvigorated “audio-on” behavior, making it all the more important in your content creation. Instead of wading through copyright laws or attempting to source royalty-free music to match your visuals, you can type in exactly what you want. 

4. Audisense

Audisense gears itself towards AI-powered consumer research, allowing you to create social media strategies and content plans that are as audience compatible and competitive as possible, no matter what trends come and go. 

Audisense leverages consumer segregation in order to highlight deep insights and categorize different niches within your audience so that high-performing content is more consistent and accurate. 

If your brand doesn’t need extra support in the content development or management areas but could benefit from deeper market and consumer research, Audisense is a great AI social media tool to have. 

Social Media AI Tools: Best Practices For Achieving Optimal Results 

Just like with all tools, there are productive and unproductive ways to use social media AI tools. AI, in general, is evolving at a rapid pace. Learning how to work with it in the most effective way possible can help your business to gain the edge it needs to not just survive but thrive. 

To achieve your social media engagement and efficiency goals, there are a few best practices to be aware of. Here’s a list of helpful AI software usage guidelines to enhance your relationship with these powerful tools and increase your chances of success: 

1. Provide AI tool training for staff

AI tools haven’t been accessible to the degree they are now for very long, and many people are still playing catch-up with the inner workings of it all. 

Providing training allows employees to extract the most value out of the tools they use and prevent avoidable mistakes from occurring. Educate your social media and digital marketing teams on how to use social media AI tools, and consider delegating an AI social media manager to oversee its progress. 

2. Check for plagiarism and copyright issues 

If you use AI social media tools to produce written captions or posts, it is extremely important that you screen all your content for plagiarism before publishing. 

This is because other brands or people around the world could input similar (or even identical) content prompts to you, producing a kind of accidental plagiarism. Nonetheless, plagiarism is bad for rankings and can hurt public receptivity, so use a plagiarism detector to check for it. 

3. Always review and edit your content 

AI may be powerful, but it isn’t perfect. Don’t make the mistake of immediately using the content that AI tools create without assessing it first – you might just spot some discrepancies. 

AI tools are not yet able to tell the difference between what is fact and fiction, which can cause problems for the validity and legitimacy of your brand. But screening your AI social media marketing content doesn’t take long, and it will feel good to upload it knowing everything is 100% true. 

4. Continue to monitor performance

Performance monitoring is a way of life for today’s marketing companies, and that’s the way it should be. Monitoring the performance of your tools and strategies helps you to understand what’s working and what isn’t, allowing you to make improvements along the way. 

You can use AI social media analytics to keep track of performance goals and create better strategies moving forward. 

Consider Employee Advocacy in Your Marketing Strategy

Employee advocacy is a marketing strategy that is often overlooked, which is unfortunate for businesses not using it! Your competitors may be already using their employees as online brand ambassadors for their business. Research shows that brand messages are re-shared 24 times more frequently when distributed on employees’ personal channels, versus on the brand channel. It’s one of the most effective ways to strike a connection with online audiences — and it has a positive impact on employee engagement, too. 

Social media AI tools and employee advocacy go hand in hand as these campaigns can become difficult to manage without automation, as you want your employees to always share on-brand content, so using employee advocacy software can easily meet that need.

Watch our webinar to find out how AI can successfully revolutionize your marketing strategy.

The Future: Marketing Enhanced By AI

AI is here, and it’s here to stay. With these best practices and tips for working in harmony with cutting-edge AI social media tools, your brand can evolve with the rest of the world. 

By employing a high-ranking employee advocacy platform like Clearview Social to help you navigate the world of AI for social media, your brand can reap the many powerful benefits of increased exposure, higher engagement, and better workflow for your marketing teams. 

Get in touch with Clearview Social today to find out more about what kind of services we offer and how you can use our range of tools to uplift and elevate your social media strategy.