10 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Twitter Marketing Efforts




Marketing for social media sometimes feels like a maze. You hit a dead end and don’t know where to go next. Every platform looks different and has different expectations from its consumers.

While Twitter can sometimes seem like a word-heavy platform full of angry people and silly memes, it actually offers tons of resources and opportunities to help you grow your business. The platform itself offers analytics to help you measure your reach and figure out your audience. And with over 200 million active users, Twitter has a huge user base to put your content in front of.

Keep reading for 10 tips on getting the most from your Twitter marketing efforts.

1. Analyze your Twitter marketing performance with Twitter Analytics

Twitter’s Analytics is one of its most helpful tools. Every Twitter user can see their hashtag performance, their individual tweet performance, and their unique Twitter audience. Twitter breaks down these metrics to the tiniest detail, so you can see your audience’s demographics, interests, lifestyle, purchasing behavior, TV viewing behavior, and mobile footprint.


With all this helpful data, you can curate a content strategy tailored to fit the interests of your Twitter audience.


If you find this data difficult to muck through, check out Clearview Social’s robust analytics features. They can simplify Twitter’s massive amount of data to show what type of content receives the most clicks for your business.

2. Create a unique Twitter voice

To stand out in the social media landscape, you have to create a unique Twitter voice. Staying true to the voice of your brand helps you maintain long-term followers and gives your audience a sense of who you are and what you stand for. Twitter audiences value brands that post engaging content that matches current trends but don’t just hop on a trend bandwagon to get more likes.

The Southwest Airlines Twitter account’s carefully curated feed seamlessly uses engaging content to promote its brand and its services. Southwest regularly snags hundreds of likes on each post, like this funny tweet about self-care. They took a topic their Twitter audience cares about, self-care, and showed how people can use Southwest to treat themselves.

3. Try out a themed content series

A themed content series on Twitter links multiple tweets around a common topic. This curated content can be anything from a few quick how-to tips to sharing interesting facts about your industry. Focusing on one topic for a period of time allows you to show your industry expertise through your Twitter profile and encourages anyone interested in that topic to follow you.

4. Use visual content

It’s easy to assume that visual content works best on Instagram, but you should be using photos and videos in your tweets as well. If you include a visual asset to your tweet, Twitter audiences are three times more likely to engage with it. A funny GIF or cute animal photo captures people’s attention while they’re scrolling through their Twitter feed and makes them more likely to click on the content.

5. Utilize hashtags

Hashtags are words and phrases that help people find content that’s interesting to them. Utilizing hashtags can help to bring your posts more engagement, but you need to be strategic in how you use them.

Loading up a tweet with 30 hashtags will look spammy and turn people away from your page. Instead, come up with a few related to each post. Use branded hashtags unique to your business with any tweet so people can find you easily. You can also create a campaign hashtag that you’ll use over and over again to promote a special sale or event for your business.

For a deeper dive into hashtag best practices, you can also check out this helpful Twitter hashtags guide.

6. Ask your readers questions with Twitter Polls

Twitter Polls let you ask your audience a specific question and you can later share the results. Polls can increase engagement by giving your audience the chance to share their own thoughts and opinions. Plus, you can post the results later, which brings curious users back to see what answer ranked the highest. Retweeting people’s responses can generate new engagement with your audience as well.

7. Know the right time to Tweet

It’s easy for a tweet to get lost in the fray because there’s so much Twitter content on any one person’s timeline. Within the first three hours of being posted, tweets reach 75% of their engagement potential. Figure out the time your audience is most active, and tweet your content then.

And if you’re struggling to find the right times to tweet, Clearview Social can help. Our PeakTime feature uses AI to help you find the perfect time to post.

8. Plan your Tweets ahead of time

Spur-of-the-moment tweets can be necessary if you want to weigh in on a current event, but most of your tweets can be planned ahead of time. Schedule your tweets in advance so you can provide consistent, engaging content to your Twitter audience every day at the time they’re most active. Planning ahead also makes it easier to follow through on your intended messaging consistently.

9. Post links to your existing long-form content

If your business has existing long-form content like whitepapers or ebooks, use this to create valuable, fact-driven tweets. This can include multiple data points or a cool infographic, and it should link back to the long-form content that already exists on your site. Revisiting these evergreen topics from past content can bring new engagement to old content and solidify your brand’s reputation on Twitter.

10. Think of your social media strategy as a whole

Twitter marketing is just one part of your social media strategy. Thinking about your social media strategy as a whole helps you utilize each platform to the fullest. If you have a large company, you might put different teams in charge of each social platform. Make sure these teams meet together so that their Twitter strategy is congruent with the rest of the platforms used to market your business.

Feeling overwhelmed? Clearview Social can help

With so many different Twitter marketing strategies, it can be hard to know where to get started. A key way to move forward is by implementing an employee advocacy software.

Clearview Social simplifies your employee engagement on social media platforms by streamlining how you share your content. You can use our queue builder to easily schedule content, then send it to your employees to be easily shared in one click. Since Clearview takes the hassle out of sharing your social posts, it’s easy to get your whole team on board and amplify your brand’s reach on Twitter and other platforms.

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