3 Examples of LinkedIn Posts That Led to Business Success

LinkedIn is a vital platform where businesses can build relationships, establish thought leadership, and generate leads. It’s a key tool for social media recruiting and a space to cement employer branding initiatives through employee advocacy

LinkedIn can contribute to the success of several different business initiatives, from sales and marketing to recruiting to customer service. More than 70% of professionals trust LinkedIn for information, meaning every piece of content you post on LinkedIn can help further your business goals. Here are some LinkedIn post examples to inspire your content strategy and help you maximize your potential on the platform. 

A recipe for success: LinkedIn post examples

Linkedin offers a variety of options for posting content, from text-based posts to multi-image carousels, live videos, interactive polls, and discussion forums. You can choose from dozens of formats; no option is better or worse than the others. You just need to understand your audience to find the best fit for your brand. 

LinkedIn post example #1: the image-based event recap

This post ranked second in LinkedIn’s roundup of highest-performing posts in 2022. It’s a recap of LinkedIn’s #B2Believe event, featuring an album of images from the affair (and tagging presenters and influencers) and a brief round-up linking out to other content from the event. This post garnered a high 17% engagement rate. When you consider that the average engagement rate on LinkedIn is 2-3%, it’s clear this post hit all the right notes. 

LinkedIn post example #2: employee engagement video

Stryker, a medical equipment manufacturer, features its employees on social media to humanize its brand. In this video, Stryker interviews a professional about her role and experience at the company. The post uses hashtags (including ones related to keywords). And Stryker used a formal employee advocacy program to promote this post. Stryker’s other employees amplified the brand’s content, boosting engagement and increasing the visibility of its content in just a few clicks.

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LinkedIn post example #3: attention-grabbing infographics 

This post from LinkedIn received more than 15% engagement, another big post for the platform. It uses an eye-catching headline and impressive stats that can be easily reposted by others in the company for maximum impact. In an article about their highest-performing social posts, LinkedIn’s social media manager, Alexandra Morales, wrote, “It pays to start with the big takeaway and work your way back to the supporting information—even if that information is what the post is really about.” 

Infographics are great pieces of content because they can be used on multiple platforms. Multi-purpose content is a core component of how to post on all social media at once

If you don’t have the budget to create your own assets, Clearview Social can help. Our easy-to-use Chrome extension allows your organization to easily grab content on the web and incorporate it into your social media strategy. Use this along with RSS feeds, which allow you to link any webpage with RSS into Clearview Social.

Types of good LinkedIn posts 

There’s no one-type-fits-all best LinkedIn post that you can simply copy and paste for your brand. It takes some testing to see what resonates best with your audience. These examples of good LinkedIn posts can help you start to measure what content will lead to business success with your audience. 

1. Event posts

Whether your business is hosting an event, participating in one, or simply attending, these occasions are a great way to connect with your audience. This LinkedIn event post example from Accountex promotes the brand’s upcoming summit while preparing attendees for a full schedule. It mentions the event hashtag, too, giving followers a way to connect with others attending the event or watching from afar. Remember, the more timely and relevant your content is, the more engagement you are likely to have. 

2. Achievement posts

Achievement posts tend to perform well on LinkedIn, such as this announcement from the aeronautical company Archer. An achievement can be both company-oriented and customer-success-related. A company achievement, like this one, allows you to tag senior leaders and position your brand as an expert in its field. It’s also content that employees are proud to share with their own networks, increasing your brand’s reach.

Alternatively, highlighting customer successes gives you a chance to show rather than tell followers how great your company is. These achievement posts on LinkedIn let you brag about your clients—and strengthen your relationship with them by celebrating their successes. 

3. Culture highlights

Penguin Random House UK regularly shares insights into their workweek, and in this post, they talk about #WorkinPublishing Week. This snapshot tags employees featured in their visual content, making it easy for the team members to repost it on their personal pages.  

Nail your LinkedIn posting strategy with Clearview Social

The above LinkedIn post examples vary in format and content type, but they do have a few elements in common. A good LinkedIn post will use relevant industry-specific and popular hashtags. It should also tag individuals or companies to broaden the reach of your post. 

LinkedIn captions tend to be longer than other types of social media posts, and many people struggle to write good content. With Clearview Social’s Social Shuffle AI, you can get the help that you need to semi-automate the creative process of determining what to write. Use this feature to generate new copy, written in a social media-friendly style that is completely editable to make it match your LinkedIn style. 

Outside of the formatting and content, make sure you respond to comments and messages on LinkedIn. This platform wants to see companies actively engaging with their audiences. Social Shuffle AI can also help you come up with LinkedIn comment examples to share, such as ways to say thank you or encourage conversions to a specific landing page. You can also use it to get examples of good LinkedIn comments and suggest them to other employees to increase engagement on their personal pages. 

Clearview Social also offers comprehensive social media analytics so you can determine what type of LinkedIn posts best fit your brand. Learn, iterate, and continue to improve your strategy to reach your goals on this important platform. 

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