How to Use LinkedIn for Recruiting: 5 Ways to Build a Strong Employer Brand

LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform for connecting with professionals in your industry and in other sectors. But it can also be a powerful tool for recruiting new employees and learning more about what people in your preferred talent pool are looking for in employers.

The standard LinkedIn profile package is free and comes with many connective and collaborative features. These include public blog posting, private messaging, and sending out Connect requests to greet and build relationships with other professionals. There are also different premium tiers to explore, such as the Career, Sales Navigation, or Recruitment tiers.

If you’d like to learn how to use LinkedIn for recruiting, this post will outline five different ways to set you on the right path. With these best practices for social recruiting, recruitment, and retention, your company can establish itself as a desirable employer and find excellent candidates throughout the year. 

How LinkedIn Can Help Your Company Find New Hires 

A company is only as strong as the people who work within it. Developing a robust recruitment strategy should be top priority if you want to build up a strong business and a driven team. 

Most people are already aware of the various ways in which LinkedIn can be used to leverage business connections, partnerships, and marketing. But over the years, it’s become one of the world’s most valuable tools for identifying top talent and finding the right people to join the crew. 

Deloitte, for example, has managed to leverage LinkedIn as its primary source of new talent by putting out brand-specific recruitment ads and treating potential new hires like customers. 

In the following eight tips, we’ll uncover how your company can use this powerful connective platform to appeal to the world’s best talent while promoting your brand as a whole. In doing so, you’ll make recruitment and retention so much more efficient.

1. Create an optimized LinkedIn profile  

First things first: to reap the many benefits of using LinkedIn for social recruitment, you need to set up a stellar online profile and optimize it for your specific needs. Some ways to achieve this include: 

  • Fill in as much information as possible – Logos, company history, employees, partners, culture, vision, collaborators, and more. Make it easy to learn about your company. 
  • List previous and upcoming events – Events listings help candidates relate to your company in the real world and motivate them to participate in your activities. 
  • Post regularly (and at the right times) – The more active your company profile is, the higher it will rank on job searches. Learning more about the best times to post on LinkedIn can help you gain more visibility and engagement.  
  • Be consistent in posting about job openings – The most important type of post you can make in this process is a job opening post. Potential candidates can then see that your company is open for hire and send through their resumes respectively. 

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile ultimately means making it look as clean, active, and professional as possible. 

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Participate in polls, upload current news, and be vocal in letting the world know that you are looking for talented new employees. Be consistent in your approach to advertising available openings, and be specific about what you are looking for in new hires. 

2. Perform deep research into candidate audience needs and trends

The kind of talent your company is looking for may vary significantly from others. Therefore, it’s important to take industry and niche trends into account when developing a recruitment strategy.

Use data and social media analytics to find out more about which parts of your profile get the most attention. And, always stay up to date on industry trends to understand what candidates in your pool of interest want from you as a company. 

3. Share information about recent employee engagement activities

Employee engagement, job satisfaction, and positive company culture are all fundamental to modern professionals. You can show potential recruits what kind of environment your company creates for its employees by sharing about it on LinkedIn. 

You can post any recent employee engagement activities on the company profile. This demonstrates how much you prioritize employee engagement and care about the health and well-being of your employees. 

While we’re on the topic of content in general, it is also important to ensure that what you upload is consistently dynamic, engaging, and of high quality. 

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4. Leverage employee advocacy

Employee advocacy is a marketing and engagement strategy in which a company encourages employees to promote their work, vision, and brand from an insider perspective. This can make candidates more trusting of the company and motivate them to apply for employment. 

A recent study showed that 84% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand when it is recommended to them by a friend, family member, or person they trust—as opposed to the brand itself. By leveraging employee advocacy, you can build credibility amongst the general public. Plus, you can showcase the benefits of working with you in a professional and authentic setting. 

5. Be responsive to any comments and queries

One of the worst things a company can do for its recruitment strategy is to ignore or disengage with interested parties. A high level of profile activity is crucial for ranking optimization, cultural relevance, and attracting the best candidates for your company. 

Having a fast response rate is not only respectful. It also helps boost your image as a business and shows applicants that you are serious about finding the right employee. 

Use Clearview Social To Refine And Enhance Your Employer Brand 

Knowing how to use LinkedIn for recruiting is one of the most advantageous things you can do as a company, especially in the contemporary and ever-shifting online business landscape. 

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