Three Reasons Why Home Working will Grow in the Future

Hey there – It’s Cole Kuhn, Regional Manager from Clearview Social

Coming from an employee that has worked out of a home office for over 20 years, benefits have always outweighed the small distractions from working at home. Even back when I had to use the phone line to dial up my email and had to paid for cell service by the minute, working out of the house has given me the flexibility to grow and be more creative. I feel “the home office” is going to continue to grow in the work place.

Over the years, there have been many studies comparing the two work places. Recent years, the results are becoming more and more one sided toward “working at home” for both the employee and the employer.

Recent studies have supported the idea that working from home—for the right people—can increase productivity and decrease stress. Research also suggests companies that encourage and support a work-from-home protocol actually save money in the long run—an added bonus on the employer side.

1) Commuting Time Reduced:

The time I have saved in not having to commute to an office – it seems like thousands over the year. Not to mention less stressful, savings on car expense and not dealing with the weather. The time saved with the short walk from the kitchen to the office can be used for communicating with clients and co-workers allowing you to be more productive.

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2) Workers are more productive:

Study after study, show employees who work remotely are more productive than colleagues that work in an office. There is no distractions from water cooler discussions, annoying and disruptive co-workers and impromptu meetings. You can work more flexible hours which allows you to work at times in the day when you are more creative and energetic. New technologies (Cloud-base programs, Collaboration tools, Instant Communication Apps) are allowing employees to communicate like they are in the next cubicle.


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3) Money saved on office space:

Lets face it – Working out of the home will only grow if it benefits the employer where it counts the most – saving money. Companies can spend less money on office space, technology, supplies.


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Lastly, most of the time, you can wear what you want!!!!


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